Browsing gifts for young professionals or the new grad on your list? Whether he's your son or family friend, you can rest assured these gifts won't end up gathering dust in a drawer.

Practical Gifts for Young Professionals

Don't resort to the same drab graduation gifts. For the ultimate surprise, check out these practical yet unexpected gifts for young professionals:

Nespresso Virtuoline Evoluo ($186.75)

Young professionals need coffee to fuel their early mornings and late nights at the office. The Nespresso Virtuoline Evoluo pumps out rich, frothy coffee and espresso, creating the ultimate sense of #adulting. This fancy coffee maker will certainly shake up his morning routine for the better.

Thompson Tee ($29.99)

sweat proof shirts

Confidence is so important when starting your professional career. Studies show exuding self-confidence in the office can actually help you rise through the ranks.

Thompson Tee sweat proof undershirts protect dress shirts from sweat and keep young guys feeling extra confident on the job. Every guy needs an undershirt. By surprising him with an ultra-soft Thompson Tee, you're also giving the gift of confidence.

Nice Laundry Socks ($89 for Box of 12)

Nice Laundry socks

I know what you’re thinking. Socks, really? These aren’t your typical boring white tube socks, though. Nice Laundry allows you to curate a package of fun, stylish work socks for $89 (per box of 12).

What makes Nice Laundry stand out from the Hanes and high-end brands is its focus on responsible recycling. Each package comes with a prepaid label, so when your young professional wears out his socks, he sends them back to be recycled. Really, you’re providing a functional gift with a higher purpose to reduce textile waste.

TrackR ($29.99)

trakr gps tracker

For a busy young professional, keeping tabs on your essentials like a wallet, keys and phone can be a headache. Make sure your young professional never wastes time searching for these items before heading out the door.

TrackR is a GPS tracker that fits in your wallet or can be attached to your keys and other items. The newly released TrackR wallet 2.0 also slides into your wallet or bag and can be tracked from your phone.

The app shows your distance to the lost item and rings the TrackR on your item so you can easily discover its location. Forget your wallet? No fear — the TrackR app will alert you before you leave home without it.

Amazon Echo ($139.99 — regularly $170)

Amazon Echo

The Echo is another novelty that will add tremendous convenience to any young professional’s life.

Through its Alexa voice service, you can play music, ask questions, control the lights and summon any information with a simple voice command. After a few days, the young professional on your list won’t know how he lived without it.

Apple AirPods ($159)

apple airpods

Who doesn’t love a quality pair of headphones? The Apple AirPods take earbuds to the next level with their sleek, wireless design and chargeable case.

They're perfect for tuning out distractions at work or relieving stress with a night run. AirPods boast impeccable sound quality, and with a 98% satisfaction rate, every young professionals will love this practical gift.


JBL Pulse 2 Speaker ($178.95)

JBL pulse 2 speaker

For the $178.95 price tag, the JBL Pulse 2 Speaker provides a slew of awesome features. This portable Bluetooth speaker is splash-proof, pumps out great sound and even lights up  — perfect for house parties and taking music on the go.

Classy Messenger Bag ($239.95)

Everett Messenger Bag
Buffalo Jackson offers some of the best premium gifts for guys — from leather tie cases, quality luggage and more. We especially love the Everett Men’s Vintage Leather Messenger Bag. This functional yet manly leather bag will become a daily staple in your young professional's life.

Man Crates ($20-$300)

man crates everyday cigar box

Man Crates work for any occasion — including holidays, housewarmings, graduations, birthdays, etc. Choose from hundreds of themed wooden crates, ammo cans, jerky grams and project kits to find one that speaks to your young professional. Crates like Whiskey Appreciation, Grill Master and many more come with a crow bar for the ultimate manly experience. Crates range from $19.99 to $299.99, so there’s something for every price range.

Samsung Gear VR ($99.99)


If the young professional on your list has a Samsung Galaxy, gifting the Samsung Gear VR will make him forget all other presents.

Watching concerts and TV shows or playing video games becomes a vivid and immersive experience with these Oculus-powered virtual reality goggles. If you want a gift that stands out, look no further. (Plus, you probably won’t have to worry about giving the same gift as someone else.)

A Fitted Dress Shirt From Express ($59.99)

Express men's dress shirt light blue

Dress shirts are essential for interviews and business meetings. But many new grads resort to baggy button-downs that just look sloppy. Give him a fitted dress shirt like this one from Express for a more polished look at the office.

If you're looking to impress, these breathable performance dress shirts from Ministry of Supply ($115) boast NASA technology to keep any new grad comfortable and confident.

Do you have any suggestions? We'd love to hear your top gifts for young professionals in the comments!