Stress Sweating

Sweat marks don’t have to be part of your daily routine. By understanding the causes of stress and proactive ways to deal with it, you can minimize the sweat-inducing effect.

What Is Stress Sweating?

Working under the wire to meet a deadline or juggling the demands of a career with a family are major sources of stress. But if you experience stress sweating, situations like these also cause unsightly perspiration.

Sweat marks don’t have to be part of your daily routine. By understanding the causes of stress and proactive ways to deal with it, you can minimize the sweat-inducing effect.

Sweating is a natural response to stressful stimuli, and this reaction has evolutionary roots. When your body perceives a threat (whether it’s your boss’s critical eyes or the eyes of a hungry predator), it triggers your flight-or-flight response along with the central nervous system.

Similar to feelings of nervousness and anxiety, your heart rate and blood pressure spike, which raises your body temperature and signals the sweating, leaving an unpleasant odor that is much more potent than exercise sweat.

From an outsider’s perspective, stress sweating probably doesn’t pose any real threats. But if you sweat profusely at the first sign of stress, you know differently.

Stress Sweating

How Stress Sweating Affects You

If you sweat excessively when stressed, you may experience side effects similar to those with hyperhidrosis. An upcoming presentation or family gathering could cue your sweating and the embarrassment that follows.

Sweating under pressure at work can be a career-breaker. A study by the University of Melbourne found that self-confidence is a key determinant of workplace success. Those who reported having more confidence in school earned higher wages and were promoted faster than participants who did not. In other words, appearing confident not only makes you seem more capable, but also serves as a catalyst to your professional career. And stress sweating is the quickest way to destroy your aura of self-assurance.

Think about it. Sweating naturally elicits feelings of skepticism. And when trying to persuade clients or your boss, you don’t want anything – let alone sweat – distracting from your pitch or compromising your credibility.

Unfortunately, the smell of stress sweat can influence the way others perceive you in terms of competence, confidence and trustworthiness, according to research by the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. But although stress sweating has real-world implications, there are ways you can overcome it.

6 Ways To Combat Stress & Stress Sweat

There’s no escaping stressors in the business world and everyday life. When the pressure mounts, you need a way to cope to offset your sweat response and potential harm to your body.

Here are some stress-boosting tactics that can help you stay calm when the stressors pile up:


  • Acknowledge your feelings & their source
  • Write a specific & actionable to-do list
  • Try diaphragmatic breathing
  • Decide how you want to respond
  • Reduce decision overload with routines
  • Do progressive muscle relaxation

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