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The Thompson Tee combines the best features of an undershirt with our proprietary underarm sweat proof technology to create anti sweat shirts that block excessive underarm sweat, providing guaranteed protection from ‘wet marks’ and yellow stains!

Thompson Tee proudly serves over 200,000 loyal customers in over 135+ countries!

Try our SWEAT PROOF shirts and find out why so many people LOVE Thompson Tee!

Watch this video to learn how the Thompson Tee helped Joe subdue the effects of hyperhidrosis, avoid invasive treatments and medications and regain his confidence.

- Joe

The Thompson Tee is the answer to your prayers

The Thompson Tee has finally solved the dilemma I've had since the 7th grade: how to wear nice clothes without big underarm sweat stains! MyThompson Tee is comfortable and did the job! I'll be buying lots of these. If you have problems with underarm sweat soaking through your shirts,The Thompson Tee is the answer to your prayers!

- Mike D., Career Coach

It's worth it!

Guys, if you haven't tried it yet, it's worth it!! ...very impressed...We love your products and look forward to telling others about it.

- International Hyperhidrosis Society

With your shirts, I never sweat through anymore

I can't say how happy I am with the shirts. I am an optometrist and was always sweating through my undershirts, onto my dress shirts, which is pretty unappealing and unprofessional. So far so good, with your shirts, I never sweat through anymore and no yellowing, like my others. Will be ordering more soon, thanx again.

- Dr. Reginald B.

Thompson Tee is a Lifesaver! The Thompson Tee’s have been an absolute lifesaver

The Thompson Tee’s have been an absolute lifesaver for me. Before I was afraid to hug people and try not to get them wet or even just be that self-conscious about it. I began wearing my Thompson Tee’s to all of the weddings underneath my suits for weddings and I will tell you it is amazing.

I wanted to see how this shirt really worked so I wore it underneath my suit to a 100+ degree wedding. The sun was blazing and my body was feeling it and I was scared to take my jacket off because I would be soaked. Ashley said just take your jacket off and see how your shirt worked. I took my jacket off and I was dry as a bone. Yes I was still sweating but my dress shirt was dry and I was beyond excited. I even gave Ashley a high five!!

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- Randy Durham, Wedding photographer (

Your shirts gave me the confidence to land my dream job

Dear Thompson Tee,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your product has changed my life. Your shirts gave me the confidence I needed to land my dream job during law school interview season. I currently own five shirts and wear them every day. My laundry schedule is silly, so I just ordered two more from Amazon.

I'll soon have a full week's worth. You have earned a customer for life and I'll set up a recurring purchase once I start my job next year. Keep up the good work. You helped me unlock my full potential.

- Jack

This is "sweat armor" for the office warrior

Unbelievable... This really works! I have only met one person in my entire life who sweats as much as I do. For many years I've had to stick with all white dress shirts, and have worn heavy cotton t-shirts underneath to soak up the deluge of sweat I produce. I could easily go through three t-shirts a day, soaking one after another. Today (equipped with my new Thompson T,) I wore a light blue Oxford all day under a navy blazer, and when I took off the blazer was amazed at what I saw. My dress shirt was still completely dry! No huge dark circles radiating from my underarms. My new blazer also was protected and totally dry. You have no idea how much of a "game changer" this is for me! I can now actually wear colored shirts, buying quality clothing without worrying about quickly destroying it. The Thompson T I purchased is made out of silky bamboo fiber, very comfortable, and with an extra long tail that won't come untucked. The underarm panels are thicker than I expected, but easy to get accustomed to, and work exactly as designed. This is "sweat armor" for the office warrior... Can't recommend this product highly enough!!!

- Kevin

When I need 100% assurance I won’t be pitting out, I reach for the Thompson Tee

I've dealt with excessive underarm sweat since I was 13 years old. I remember the day I first discovered it - I was wearing a blue t-shirt and sure enough those pit marks formed out of nowhere it seemed. From that day on, I have tried everything (even looked into surgery).

My professional background was in high end Sales so I was constantly having to speak to prospects and clients, and had to attend social networking events regularly. I have every competitive product out there in my closet and when I need 100% assurance that I won't be pitting out I reach for the Thompson Tee because it's the only thing that I know will comfortably work no matter what the situation calls for.

Finally... an undershirt that captures the spirit of a regular undershirt, (fits and feels like a premium undershirt) and doesn't allow the underarm sweat to pass through.

- Billy T.

Literally changed my life

I just have to say thank for making an awesome product. You have literally changed my life. I work as a banker so I'm required to wear a suit all day. Before you're shirts I was never able to take off the suit jacket without having sweat show on the dress shirt. Now I never have to worry about that. So again, thank you.

- Hunter G.

Several washes...and they aren't losing their stretch or form

I just bought a few custom-fitted shirts that I didn't want stained, especially the white ones with thinner fabrics. So far they've (the Thompson Tees) been very comfortable and fit very well. Several washes into it, they aren't losing their stretch or form at all. I have a pile of shirts I can't wear because they wen't from Medium or Large to XXXL after a few washes.

- Orlando S.

I feel more confident knowing I don’t need to be checking my "pitters"

I wanted to personally thank YOU for creating this awesome shirt! It works exceptionally well and is extremely comfortable. I feel more confident in my shirt knowing I don't need to be checking every 10 minutes to see how bad my "pitters" have gotten. I will definitely be buying more Thompson Tees in the near future...

- Evan W.

Your product worked flawlessly

I don't have a major "sweat" problem, but when I'm spending upwards of $150 a shirt, I don't want sweat stains ruining them. I've tossed too many shirts after year or two because of yellowing in the armpits.

So, I hit the Internet to find out what products were offered to curb this problem. I bought 3 of your t-shirts as a trial run. In short - awesome...You product worked flawlessly. Too many executives have that lake under their arms to not know of your product. I'll order more this week.

- Carter S.

Thompson Tee forever changed my business meeting experience

First, I'd like to say a huge "THANK YOU" for developing this product! I ordered my first Thompson Tee a few weeks ago and it has (already) forever changed my business meeting experience! Thank you again!!

- Rufus D.

Thompson Tee has been a lifesaver

I've been a heavy sweater my whole adult life. I just dealt with it up until recently as I started climbing the corporate ladder at my company. Let me tell you, there's nothing more embarrassing than walking into a meeting with pit stains in the middle of the winter. I've tried all sorts of deodorants, I cut out coffee, etc... but nothing helped. It wasn't until recently that I discovered the Thompson Tee...I ordered two large crew necks... They fit as expected and are quite comfortable but I was skeptical that the armpit would be sufficient in containing all of my sweat. Well, I was wrong. The very first day wearing one I decided to give it a REAL test and wore a light blue and white dress shirt. I pounded a large coffee on my way to work and even wore a jacket when it wasn't necessary... 10 hours and several cups of coffee later, not a single drop of sweat was on my shirt. I was blown away...the outside layer was dry as a bone. I'm so impressed with these shirts I plan on buying several more. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ...the Thompson Tee has been a life saver. I highly recommend these tees to ANYONE with excessive armpit sweat.

- Monte V.

They truly work as promised

I just wanted to thank you for creating such a remarkable, life changing product. About a month ago, I bought two of your shirts to try them out and WOW! They truly work as promised. I have a newfound confidence and can wear any shirt I want regardless of the color. Thanks for getting me through picture-filled graduation season!

- Graham C.

I no longer worry about pit sweat...your product works!

This product is awesome!!!!!!! ...I no longer worry about my pit sweat. I bought a light blue; light purple; all kinds of colors dress shirts I normally wouldn't wear. It's amazing for sure. And I also switched to deodorant (from antiperspirant). Bottom line, your product works!

- Julio R.

The shirt is like a dream come true

So, "the shirt" is like a dream come true. I have been suffering for years with ancillary hyperhidrosis. I thought there was no end in sight. I've ruined numerous shirts tried expensive deodorants and even resorted to stuffing my shirts with paper towels.

I received the shirt to my office and put it on immediately. The sweating that I was experiencing that day was gone. I have so far recommended to 2 of my colleagues. One in particular experiences the same ancillary hyperhidrosis that I do and upon receiving the shirt has sang its praises as well...I am beyond satisfied. It has restored my confidence and for the first time this past week I took my suit jacket off while at a dinner! It was a dream come true...Thank you again...I will definitely be purchasing more of your shirts!

- Gavin P.

The Thompson Tee is exactly what I was looking for

The shirt is working great for me! I have been looking for a shirt like this for some time and am glad I was able to find the Thompson Tee, it is exactly what I was looking for. I plan on purchasing more in the future.

- Javaki N.

For the first time in years, I can go without worrying about sweat spots

The shirt I brought has worked great! For the first time in years I've been able to go out without worrying about the appearance of sweat spots.

- Tristan D.

Put my V-neck to the test – the result was AMAZING!

I received my Thompson Tees yesterday. I've put my V neck into my first test and wore it with one of my colored dress shirt and jogged under the sun for 5 minuets. I'm talking about a Saudi Arabia temperature (118 degrees F) that no human being could tolerate...The result was AMAZING!! Not even a small stain. My shirt was completely wet except under the armpits.

Day two:

Went to the mall today and I wore my timberland short sleeve shirt which I usually make huge stains after 10-15 minutes of wearing it. But today was a completely a different day. My shirt was completely dry... Seriously guys, I've never walked with more confidence like today, wearing what I want without worrying and going to the bathroom every 30 minutes or have a backup shirt in my car.

At last, thank you Mr. Thompson for creating this innovative awesome product!

- Mohammed G.

[The Thompson Tee] makes going to work a lot easier

I absolutely love your product. It really is such a great invention. It makes my going to work every day a lot more easier. I had a problem with my order, and your customer service representatives took care of it right away.

- Herman N.

Couldn’t have been more pleased with the results

After getting our license (marriage) the Friday before Valentines Day, we had decided to get there very early in the morning that day to try to get a good spot in line since they were expecting hundreds of couples. When we got there, to our surprise, there was no line at the door but about 5 sets of live news vans and reporters covering the Valentines Day rush at City Hall.

Needless to say, armed with my Thomspon Tee under my wedding suit, not only did I get married as the first line, but did probably a dozen, pre, post, and basically during the ceremony interviews. The whole time I stayed dry and comfortable that not only that morning, but basically wore it all day through dinner that night and couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Will be ordering a few more. Thanks again.

- Jayden G.

Bought 2 shirts and forgot about my sweating

I love them. I had issues for two years of sweating. Went to doctor, got pills, nothing worked. Until one day I went surfing online and found your product. Bought two shirts and forgot about my sweating.

- Saul J.

The T-shirts are fantastic....Perfect product

The T-shirts are fantastic, better than I could have imagined. Thank you. Perfect product...your company has really made a difference for a lot of people.

- Vince E.

Only product I feel is 100% effective

I am really impressed with the shirt! It works as advertised and is the only option I've found that I feel is 100% effective! Thanks for putting something that works so well, is sold in the US, and is reasonably priced on the market.

- Albert B.

Your T-shirt is going to allow me to wear any shirt I want

...I just put your t-shirt through a big test yesterday. I had worn it once and was impressed. There were no marks under my arms for the first time ever that first time I wore it, but I still wanted to test it more. As you know, somematerials are just prone to showing bigger underarm sweat marks as they absorb more. I have a few shirts I cannot even wear like this and I am not sure why I bought them.

Anyway, I worked a 10 hour event yesterday moving equipment and interviewing people in a dress shirt I never wear because I sweat marks show up immediately when I wear It (before I even leave the house). Yesterday, with your t-shirt...not a single mark. Nothing. I still cannot get over it. Obviously, I can feel myself sweating and there is moisture on the inside, but nothing, and I mean nothing all day long, on the outside.

Your T-shirt is going to allow me to wear any shirt I want from now on. Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of those like me. I am going to order a few more of them. Thank you again.

- Noah Z.

I suffer from hyperhidrosis...Not a single drop got through all day long

Hello - I suffer from hyperhidrosis of the underarms and I have tried everything to combat my condition: clinical strength deodorants (pretty much all of them), "stay dry" undershirts of various brands, and I've even looked into Botox and/or surgery (though I'd like to avoid that route). Nothing I've tried has been effective. I am a high school English teacher, so you can imagine how embarrassing it is to standing in front of a classroom full of teenagers with huge sweat stains under my arms.

I received my Thompson Tee today. Thanks for sending it so fast. I couldn't wait to give it a try, so I decided to give the shirt a true torture test. I put it on underneath my workout shirt and spent over an hour in the gym. Afterwards, I had sweat through both shirts in several areas, but my underarm areas were COMPLETELY and TOTALLY dry. Not a drop of sweat got through. I honestly could not believe how well it worked. I had actually tried my best to get sweat stains (for once), but it didn't happen. I even took a picture and sent it to my wife, who was equally amazed. I immediately threw the shirt in the wash and plan to try it out tomorrow under the shirt I wear to school."

- the Next Day:

As for today, the shirt worked perfectly once again. I wore a gray shirt notorious for collecting some pretty wicked sweat stains. Not a single drop got through all day long. I found myself raising my arms a lot more just because it was cool to do it without being worried about the kids seeing my underarms. Needless to say, your website is about to get an order from me for six more shirts...that way I have one for every day of the week!

Thank you SO much, I really can't thank you enough. My situation was starting to feel pretty hopeless. I thought I was headed down the road to surgery. Now I don't have to do that, thanks to you! Thanks again.

- Edward L., High School English Teacher

Thank God I found this shirt!

I think the Thompson Tee is fantastic.You came up with an incredible invention. (I only wish I came up with it) Personally, for a while I was thinking about getting Botox injections to stop my underarm sweating. Thank God I found this shirt. It works great! In fact, it is unbelievable.

- Nasir G.

Now I can wear other colors and not worry about anything showing

I think the shirts are great. They do what I need them to. Best thing is now I can wear other colors and not worry about anything showing. Thank you so much!

- Troy B., Little Rock, AR

I couldn’t sweat through it if I tried!

I love it! When I first put it on I was so impressed with how nice the fabric feels!! I couldn't sweat through it if I tried!

- Alan T.

[My son] perspires fairly heavily...they seemed to take care of his problem

...the t-shirts are for my 17 year-old son. He perspires fairly heavily to the point that his sweat often stains his shirts - and that's not good when you are in high school...Last night he told me that they seemed to take care of his problem and he asked me to buy 2 more.

- Leonard C.

The Thompson tee has changed the way I live my daily life

Thank you so much for such an amazing product. I bought my first Thompson tee a week ago after basically giving up. I had gone through the vertualy every clinical antiperspirant, stopped drinking coffee and soda, started eating healthier and nothing has helped. I am a restaurant manager who is constantly moving for 12 hours a day in a dress shirt and tie. I was embarrassed to lift my arms for an object on a shelf, carry a tray, or even reach for a hand shake! The Thompson tee has changed the way I live my daily life. I can have a Coke now don't have to go the the bathroom to make sure I haven't bled through a maxi pad and my undershirt.

- Cole

My go to shirts for every day

These are my go to shirts for every confidence and no worries about sweating through. Love it. Thank you.

- Andrew

My arm-pits were completely dry

I simply love this product! I recently purchased two T-shirts and wore one today under my dress shirt. To test it out, I worked all morning under stressful conditions then I walked up the street at lunch to check my mail-box. It was 75 degrees outside and sunny today. Plus, I walked an extra block up the street for other meetings then returned to work. I immediately went into the bathroom to see if I had sweated through but my arm-pits were completely dry. Although, this is the first time I've worn a Thompson Tee, I must admit that I'm impressed as a first time user. I hope the trend continues. If so, I will be purchasing more of your Tee's.

- W.H.

Great product

Great product, I am really glad I found out about these under shirts!

- Kerwin

So glad I found something thats really helped me

Thank you Mr. Thompson your product have change my life.. Im so glad i found something thats really helped me.. thank you again.

- Francisco

Wonderful Product!

I have been a Thompson Tee customer for 5-6 months now and have really appreciated your shirts. I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product!

- L.D.

Your product has literally saved my life

First I would like to start off with, I absolutely love your product. I suffer from severe sweating from my underarms and hands. Before finding your product I would be so embarrassed of having sweat stains all the way down my shirt from my profuse sweating. Your product has literally saved my life.

- Doug

My shirt was as dry at the end of the day as it was at the beginning

I'm a part time musician who plays under some hot lights... My favorite shirt tends to show off sweat stains more than I like. I've been trying different undershirts and deodorants, but haven't had a lot of luck with reliable results. Most days wind up with the more sweat under the pits than I like. It's destroyed more than one dress shirt of mine due to discoloration. I don't think of myself as having a condition of any kind, but I suppose I react to stress at work and in performance, and that's where the trouble begins.

The Thompson Tee got the job done; my shirt was as dry at the end of the day asit was at the beginning of the day. Plus it gave me confidence throughout the day that wet pits would not be a problem--in a way, this felt like its biggest advantage.

- Adam F.

Far more comfortable than many of the other options

The shirts are fantastic; they work great and are far more comfortable than many of the other options.

- Raul S.

So much more comfortable and healthy than using antiperspirants

I didn't have this (condition) before. I started seeing this problem for last two years, but i always had cold and wet hands, now it got to my armpits and the fact i love fashion and slim fit color shirts made me very very sad seeing this stupid marks... I can't wear half of my clothes now because of that.

Quality is real good! Cotton is really soft and really comfortable. The armpit protection is really comfortable. No noise, nothing. It feels the same as a regular cotton shirt.

At 11 am - I'm wearing the colored, real slim fit shirt in which I am sweating the most... I am very active guy and I sweat really bad usually after 20mins I have a huge sweat stains on something colored and slim fit.

Ok, I went to the washroom to check after 2 hours at 1 pm. PERFECT!!!! No sweat at all on my shirt, and I don't feel on my undershirt either, really comfortable ! Amazed ! Mr.Thompson thanks !!

Two more hours - 3 pm: checking and nothing! and the undershirt is also dry!

So over all the protection is perfect and the quality of shirt as well!

So much more comfortable and healthy then using antiperspirants. Today I just used my natural deodorant without any aluminum or alcohol and no smell at all.

Personal thanks to the creator of this amazing product. I hope to see more designs from you soon. Going to order more. I really like the undershirt! Thank you!

My 2nd review:

Yesterday I was at a party from 10 pm until 5 am. During that I was wearing my undershirt (Thompson Tee) and slim fit T-shirt on top. Not a sign of sweat was visible during that time! Amazing result!

- Steve C.

I've had hyperhidrosis since I can remember – tried the Thompson Tee and love it!

I have had hyperhidrosis ever since I can remember. I have tried every antiperspirant deodorant out there, and nothing works. Even during the winter when it's cold, I still sweat. I even tried some of the other similar products...both made me sweat more because they were heavy and eventually they both failed under the arms, where I sweat the most.

I have tried the Thompson Tee and love it!

- Bob G.

As an exec who has hid this for years ... I felt free again

I'm amazed by your t-shirt and actually thought it couldn't work on me. I was truly amazed and as an executive who has hid this for years with jackets and dark shirts....... I felt free again.

- Kelly F.

Wear them 5 days a week!

Wow you guys are awesome! Love the shirts! Work amazing for me! Wear them 5 days a week at my job (corrections officer) which clearly requires some sweating! Thank you again!

- R.M.

Great find and well worth the money!

This was a great find and well worth the money! We love it. It's comfortable, the right size, soft and most importantly it absorbs and prevents sweat from showing through clothing. Will get a few more!

- Dave O.

You save our day to day confidence

You're making a product that not only serves its purpose, you're literally saving lives! You save our day to day confidence; relationships and much more! I truly appreciate everything you do for my life! Thanks again guys, you're so the best!!!

- S.P.

My son LOVES the shirt I got him

My son LOVES the shirt I got him

- Sharon

There is finally a solution for the sweat problem

I would like to thank you...this product is really amazing and There is finally a solution for the sweat problem, I never posted a review before in my life although I did this time because it deserves to be shared how great this product is.

- S.A.

These shirts have made a huge difference for my excessive sweating!!

Love the shirts. I ordered one to try it out ñ then immediately ordered 11 more. I have been struggling with this issue for almost 30 years and have a high-stress, people-intense job. Being in front of crowds of people all day every day in dress clothes (suit and tie) has been a challenge with my excessive sweating. These shirts have made a huge difference!! Thank you so much. From a new and happy customer!

- J.B.

I'll be a supporter of Thompson tees for a very long time!

My 4th year of medical school in which the Thompson tee saved me a lot of anxiety during patient presentations! I'm sure I'll be a supporter of Thompson tees for a very long time!

- Justin

This is revolutionary!!

I am a worship leader that spends numerous hours of the week on stage, singing and playing electric guitar. This is revolutionary!!

- G.F.

I bought 2 light gray dress shirts for the first time in my life

I can't begin to tell you what a transformative experience this has been for me. I could sweat through a blazer in 20 minutes. I bought 2 light gray dress shirts for the first time in my life. I put the Thompson Tee to the test over the past week and it held up 100%. Super impressed! Thank you!

- Jay


I just received my t-shirts yesterday, washed them, and I am wearing one right now. I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!! I sweat excessively and always worried about people noticing. As a pastor having to look nice in front of the congregation is important. Today I wore a light blue dress shirt without a jacket for the first time ever and, although I was sweating the whole time, I never sweat through. My dress shirts stayed dry. I was skeptical about this shirt I must admit, but you have a customer for life. I will be ordering more and I will definitely tell everyone about your product. Thank you so much!

- Dan S.

The sweat shield is really an extraordinary innovation

I really like your product. The sweat shield is really an extraordinary innovation. Thanks for everything you guys do.

- Connor

The only product on the market I've found to work with my condition

...your product is the only on the market I've found to work with my condition.

- Brody K.

The shirts have help up very well after multiple washings

The shirts have performed wonderfully and have held up very well after multiple washings. Excellent product and great service. I have already recommended these to several associates. Thanks much.

- Tim J.

The Thompson Tee was able to keep my outside shirts dry

The Thompson Tee was able to keep my outside shirts dry. I didn't record an instance of sweat through!

- Martin K.

The Thompson Tee did exactly what it was supposed to do

I have a problem with staining under the arm pits. Half of the time I do sweat through my under shirt on to my outer garments. I have several dress shirts that I had to replace, due to excess sweating.

Yes! It (the Thompson Tee) did exactly what it was suppose to do! It's a great product, I love it!

- David A., Broker

The Thompson Tees have greatly improved my confidence

They have been working great!! ...The Thompson Tee's have greatly improved my confidence.

- Darrell V.

I love the shirt. It works

I love the shirt. It works. Thanks.

- Mekhi D.

I'm no longer a skeptic!

I love your t-shirts. They work perfectly and as advertised (which is remarkable in this day and age of commercial hyperbole). I'm no longer a skeptic!

- Cole A.

[Thompson Tee] has given me such a boost in confidence

I'm amazed at how well the Thompson Tee works. I work in a fast paced environment at a high-end gym, and I sweat constantly throughout the day and it was always embarrassing. I'm a small guy but somehow managed to out sweat everyone, even when hardly moving! I can honestly say your product has given me such a boost in confidence. Not to mention how comfortable it is! Thank you thank you thank you. Keep up the excellent work.

- Michael

Now I feel more comfortable when I am face to face with my customers

Thank you very very much for this business changing shirt. Now I feel more comfortable when i am face to face with my customers. And high five for your perfect customer service. Lovely greetings from Austria!

- Michael S.

Best confidence boost ever and one less thing to worry about!

Best undershirt ever! I sweat right through lightly colored dress shirts when I am giving a presentation or in a stressful situation (often all day long). With this undershirt, I did not embarrass myself and protected my dress shirt 100%. Best confidence boost ever and one less thing to worry about! I will be buying more!

- Chad D.

It helps me almost everyday of the week!

Hi! I just wanted to say I love your product and I am so thankful for it. Thank you for this amazing product it helps me almost everyday of the week!

- Tyler

Nothing gives my daughter the confidence and security like these tee shirts

My 14 year old daughter suffers from Hyperhidrosis and relies on her Thompson Tees on a daily basis. Actually, she changes them twice a day while she is at school. She started wearing them in September, and they have made such a difference in her life. When your teenage daughter tells you "I can't live this way anymore", you know serious action is needed. So thank you for these amazing shirts. We have tried underarm pads, special deodorants, prescription medication, and nothing gives her the confidence and security like these tee shirts. (Sounds like a product endorsement if I ever heard one!!).

- P.J.

I have much more confidence in stressful meetings and negotiations

I am extremely satisfied with your product. I ordered 2 bamboo shirts a year ago. Within a week I ordered 3 more, enough for a work week. The shirts have NEVER let me down. Not one sweat through. I used to sweat through my shirts many times throughout a day. I have much more confidence in stressful meetings and negotiations thanks to your product. Please keep up the good work. I would recommend these shirts to anyone battling excessive underarm sweating. Life changing!

- Kevin

I would have ruined my military uniform if not for your product!

Good evening...thank you so much for making these t-shirts! I am in the military and I wear a khaki shirt every day for my uniform and I would have ruined them if not for your product!

- Nathan

[Billy] knows exactly what we all go through

He knows exactly what we all go through, and this is reassuring, because if the president of a company has just as much need for a product as I do, I know that a lot of thought and effort went into bringing the product to the marketplace...just happened to have a meeting that day with 50 other people present, which had me wishing for an open window on the 10th floor to escape from. So, nervous as always I sat in the meeting with my hands tucked under my armpits as usual. I got out of the meeting and went back to my desk and to my surprise my outer shirt was still bone dry. I was sweating profusely in that meeting...but it had not gone through either shirt that I had on. The fabric is really comfortable and looks to stay in very good shape after washing and wear...I'm getting ready to purchase a weeks worth of Thompson Tees tonight because I am convinced that these are a great product! I wish these would have been around for the last 18 years of my life...thanks!

- Leon W.

Finally, a shirt exists that allows me to do what I do best -- sweat

...The Thompson Tee WORKS...comfortable to wear, especially underneath multiple layers. Finally, a shirt exists that allows me to do what I do best, -- sweat -- and not feel disgusting afterward...They are affordable and worth the money!

- Terry M.

The Thompson Tee saved our daughter tonight

I can't thank you enough. The Thompson Tee saved our daughter tonight. My husband called you today with her story about her debate presentation and the students being mandated to wear a certain shirt. Our daughter was in tears last night because she was so worried about sweating through her shirt, which she has done many times. Everyone was amazing at allowing my husband to pick a couple shirts up from your office and it worked! There was a little dampness in the armpit by the end of the night but nothing like it would have been. Nothing showed and that was the most important thing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Genie

It actually worked for me

I just tried the thompson tee undershirt and it actually worked for me. I really can't believe it, thank you so much for your help!!

- Moe

It has truly changed my life

I couldn't be happier with the Thompson Tee and it has truly changed my life... Haha, I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, but I honestly feel so indebted to you. Thanks for everything!

- Juan

The moisture and odor are almost nonexistent

I very recently purchased 5 white fitted Medium V-neck Thompson Tees and I have worn them all week and I love them! I have had a problem for the last few years with sweat/odor because I prefer not to use traditional chemical deodorant because I believe they are not healthy for our bodies. For the past few years I have been using both a salt rock as well as a homemade deodorant which help but are not nearly as affective as the chemical deodorants. When I started using the Thompson Tees I tested them by not wearing any salt or deodorant at all and was amazed at, first of all how little I sweat, but secondly when I did sweat a bit however the Thompson Tee would wick away the moisture and the odor was almost not existent. After the initial test I went back to using my salt rock while wearing the Thompson Tee and I was amazed that day I sweat far worse than I had any day that I hadn’t worn any deodorant whatsoever. So I have been wearing the Thompson Tees since without anything under my arms and am not sweating hardly at all and there is virtually no odor! These shirts have been everything I hoped they would be and more! Thank you!

- Travis

I couldn't believe my shirt was dry as a desert

I am so thankful for the Thompson Tee. I always have had excessive armpit sweating and it made me very self conscious especially when I wore a dress shirt or a suit. It was so embarrassing to know that I had sweat stains on my shirt and it was extremely uncomfortable. I had a job interview coming up and thankfully I purchased a bamboo v neck tee before it. I couldn't believe how my shirt was dry as a desert. I felt myself sweating still but I was in disbelief that it didn't soak over onto my shirt. I kept checking instinctively and nothing was ever on my dress shirt. I went into the interview confident that the tee would keep me dry and it did. I am so thankful for your product.

- David

Highly recommend for anyone that suffers from hyperhidrosis!

Thank you so much! I am 24 and since freshman year high school, almost 10 years, I've had to deal with the incredibly embarrassing pit stains. Every time I go out in public I've had to leave my arms at my side. But today I used the Thompson Tee for the first time and my shirt was completely dry. I was out in public all day for 11 hours straight and it was still dry. Amazing product!! 11/10 rating! I highly recommend for anyone that suffers from hyperhidrosis! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm going to be ordering as many as possible!

- Matt

Truly brought my confidence back

I ordered your shirts I did a lot of research on them. They finally came in the mail. I felt my armpits sweating heavy as normal I put two hoodies on to really test out the product. I was out for about an hour. I felt my armpits sweating but when I got home to check for stains. I was in the clear. This product is amazing! I love everything about it. You earned a loyal customer!!! If you guys are hiring salesman for these shirts I would be more than happy! You guys truly brought my confidence back! Thank you so much, I'm ready for the summer!

- K.H.

The first product to really work for my son

Just wanted to say that your tshirt is the first product to really work for my son. He has had hyperhydrosis his whole life and we always did botox under his arms but when we started with botox on his palms and underarms it pushed too much sweat to other areas. WE had to stop the botox under the arms and stick with just hands. He would sit in meetings and have sweat rings to his elbows. We heard about your undershirts and we liked that it was not the pads sewn in, we had tried that and they just get soaked. We are here to say that they are unbelievable truly. I cannot thank you enough they have changed meetings for my adult son. Now please use that same technology and come up with boxer briefs with a panel and socks!! Please!!! You would change the lives of so many with hyperhydrosis!! Thank you!!

- Katie

From the beginning of my teaching career, I’ve had to deal with sweaty armpits. I’ve tried everything…sweat pads, prescription deodorants, none of [it] worked. A friend of mine suggested the Thompson Tee. I’ve been teaching for four periods straight, and it’s 110 degrees outside. I feel sweaty, but you can’t see it. It’s a miracle! If you’re a teacher or public speaker and you suffer from sweaty armpits and don’t know what else to do, order the Thompson Tee.

- Justin Norris

Truly changed my professional life

Honestly, your product has truly changed my professional life. I'm a pharmacist and I can't tell you how embarrassing it is to sweat through my dress shirts while talking to my patients. I've tried almost everything and was one step away from botox injections. Thank you so much for creating this product!

- Gary M., Pharmacist

This shirt is going to change my life

The shirt has been amazing. I ordered one just to try it out and after wearing it for one day I bought five more. I have never been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, but I do have excessive sweating. I have tried many different things but nothing helped. It sounds silly, but this shirt is going to change my life.

- Ayden P.

After trying several "sweat-resistant shirts," Thompson Tee is superior in every aspect

I'm not one to typically offer reviews, but your shirt earned this one… I can say with sincerity that after having tried several different "sweat-resistant" shirts, I find your Thompson Tee to be superior in every aspect -- comfort, quality, and protection against heavy underarm perspiration. As a university lecturer, I spend several hours a week in front of students. I wore your shirt this week and it kept the outer layer of my clothing dry all day each time.

- Oliver G., University Lecturer

Hyperhidrosis sufferer: I feel as dry as a rock in the Mohave desert!

I have been dealing with hyperhidrosis for a couple of years, and I feel like it is getting worse.

I got the Thompson Tee in the mail yesterday. It is so lightweight. I love it already. I know I will be ordering more by the end of the day tomorrow after I go through my first test!

- the Next Day:

It's 8 AM. I just put on the Thompson Tee. I just want to give you some quick feedback. I am loving it! The shirt is very lightweight and comfortable underneath the arms. I'm really looking forward to seeing how my day goes.

12pm - I am normally feeling uncomfortable by now but I feel dry as a rock in the Mohave desert! Am I dreaming?

It's 2pm. I just finished a meeting and I was in a good mood. I would always check my shirt before I would walk into a meeting. Not today!

It's 3:30pm and all is quiet on the underarm front. I am actually considering wearing a long sleeve shirt. I can't tell you the last time that happened.

It's 4:55pm - my day is almost complete. I am so freaking happy that I ordered three more shirts!

...the Next Day:

Day 2 - 12 PM results are the same! The guys at Thompson Tee need to be awarded some type of Pulitzer Prize for armpit sweat control. I should be receiving three more shirts shortly.

One happy hyperhidrosis patient here! I almost think my perspiring stopped that is how well it is working.

Thank You Thank YouThank YouThank YouThank You!

- Justin V., Mortgage Manager

I have never felt so comfortable going back to the office with no sweat marks

I have always been the person to change my shirt. I am 27 now and I wish I had these shirts in high school let alone college. I have a desk job/out in the field job. I have never felt so comfortable going back to the office with no sweat marks at all. I wanted to say thank you. I am so happy with my original purchase of one shirt, I bought eight more!!! Thank you for helping me with my issue. I can't thank you enough! I will be that person that walks into work confident and ready to work now thanks to you!!!!

- C.J.

I have to give Thompson the edge over all of the competitors

I suffer from excessive sweating, especially in the underarm area. I have tried nearly every "sweat resistant" and "sweat proof" shirt on the market today...

After a full day at the office, I was happy to see that the shirt did prevent sweat from reaching my outer shirt in the underarm area!

From a design standpoint, the shirts are very soft, high quality material. The seams are well put together, and I like the tag- less collar. The Thompson Tee is much more effective in actually preventing the sweat from coming through...I have to give Thompson the edge over all of the competitors...

For someone who suffers primarily from underarm sweat, and does not have issues with back or abdominal sweating, this may just be the perfect shirt for you.

- Andrew P.

Not even a drop of sweat could get through this underarm barrier

First off, when unpacking the T-shirt I noticed the quality of the fabric, very soft and seems quite resistant...

To put the tee to the test, I put a dress shirt to work that sweat marks would easily show on. I had a crazy day at the office that day so really broke a sweat. Ireally felt like if this T-shirt didn't work, the sweat marks were really going to be apparent.

But to my amazement, not even a drop of sweat could get through this underarm barrier that Thompson has created. I was checking every 2 hours or so and when i thought it could be stained, nope, completely dry!

This product works and does exactly what it's supposed to do. I will be purchasing more for sure.

Anybody with underarm sweat issues should try this T-shirt.

Thank you to Thompson Tee for an amazing product!

Best Regards,

- Paul K.

The Thompson Tee is awesome! You’ve won a lifelong customer

The Thompson Tee is awesome! I have been searching for an answer to allow for confidence without having to worry about excessive sweating, and you have finally provided the answer. You have won a lifelong customer - Thank you!

- Lamont R.

Hydro-Shield works!

I received the Thompson Tee last week and it’s been through the wash two times already and still looks amazing. Most importantly, Hydro-Shield works! I believe this company earnestly wants to do good and they have put in a lot of time and effort in creating this shirt. The Thompson Tee is really good stuff!!!

- Lee T.

Best undershirts I have owned

First I wanted to say that you guys have an AMAZING undershirt! I have purchased a few shirts from you over the past few months and love them! I am a firefighter, and they keep me dry all the time. I have never sweated through them! They are the best undershirts I have owned.

- Tanner M.

At the end of the day, I had no sweat showing!

My Name is Troy Gray. I am 22 years old, born and raised in Georgia, and I grew up in the sports life. I played baseball most of the time and started playing football in middle school. Obviously going through middle school I started noticing that I would sweat a lot, and I mean a lot. I went from wearing every color ever made to dark colors like black or navy blue. I never even thought about red, blue and yellow. I wouldn't dare to wear a gray shirt knowing that by the time I walked out of the house I would have sweated out of it.

I started to get scholarship offers for football in 10th grade, and when I graduated high school, I got the opportunity to play collegiate football at the University of Central Florida aka UCF. I had the greatest experience of my life!! Playing in 3 bowl games, winning two of them including the Fiesta Bowl and winning 2 conference championships! Still at the same time, even through all of the accolades, I still wasn't able to shake the sweat. I tried different deodorants, I would wear 3 undershirts, and tried everything in the book. I even ordered deodorant from different countries.

Once I graduated last year, I got a job in the healthcare industry, so I was wearing a suit and tie since I live in Florida, and it's too hot to wear a jacket. Wearing a black or navy blue shirt in the sunshine state only makes you hotter. I went to a conference and wore 3 undershirts, a black dress shirt, a vest and a jacket. I had to change my dress shirt 3 times, my vest and jacket.

Once again I started Googling and reading about getting Botox, which reduces sweat, but the cost and possibility of side effects were too great. While on the site, an ad popped up about Thompson Tees. I clicked it and started reading some of the reviews. I looked at a video of a news reporter who did an interview with the founder of Thompson Tee. The interviewer did 2 miles with a regular shirt and then 2 miles with the Thompson Tee. The results were amazing, but at the same time skeptical, because this guy wasn't an athlete, so I know he doesn't sweat like I do. So I took a leap of faith and ordered the white V neck bamboo slim fit. Two days later I got the package. I took it out, and it felt really nice. I started looking at the underarm pads, which were thick but felt durable. I didn't even try it on because I wanted to put it to the test!

It was a Thursday and I had a conference again. I decided to pick out a light orange dress shirt, which I have never worn before, I mean never! After 30 minutes I felt myself sweating, but nothing was showing on the dress shirt. I was a little surprised but still was skeptical. After 4 hours I checked again and NOTHING! Now it had my attention. I'm so used to keeping my arms to my side, but today I was a different person, the confidence was on another level!

At the end of the day I had no sweat showing. I called everybody in my family, friends and teammates. They know how I sweat and were amazed. That night I ordered another 2 shirts. I started buying T-shirts and shirts in all colors!!! I mean all colors. I had supreme confidence. I wear one with every outfit. It's been about 7 months, and last week was the first time my first Thompson Tee gave a little, but I’m still happy because the extent I wear it. So I just ordered another 6 slim fit, cotton, crew neck, v neck, and even the deep V. I wear the black and gray as my main shirts too! I just wanted to say thank you so much! I can't express to you my gratitude and my excitement for these shirts. I gave some to my dad and some of my teammates who love them! Once again thank you!

- Troy Gray II

The Thompson Tee improved my quality of life

Before discovering the Thompson Tee sweat proof shirts hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) affected me on a daily basis. Some days were worse than others, but there was almost never a day that went by when I wasn't thinking about the sweat coming through my shirts or the prospect of it happening.

Thousands of dollars of my shirts were quickly ruined from the age of 20-28. Knowing that I had no control over my sweat, I was refrained from wearing my favorite casual and dress shirts. I chose only to wear them when I thought I would be wearing them for a limited amount of time. Even then, I would be anxious about the prospect of sweating which would then make it a reality as I constantly checked and hoped it wouldn't. This was a vicious circle. For those of you that are familiar with this "nervous sweating" or "social sweating", you are probably all too familiar with this scenario.

The wasted money was the least of my problems. I would have gladly traded that money for peace of mind while working, attending meetings or going out. I'm married, so for me my general work days are what stressed me out the most as it pertained to excessive sweating. Delivering a presentation or having a meeting with one of my individual team members while sweating through my work shirt did not make me look like a confident business leader. It goes without saying that public presentations were simply NOT an option without a t-shirts, long sleeve dress shirts and a dark sweater layered over it all. And during the summer time, it was improvising the best I could with dark shirts.

Needless to say, there were many scenarios that illustrated why underarm sweat affected my quality of life. Luckily that's all in the past now. Too bad I didn't know when I was 20 that $25 could change my life. I actually discovered Thompson Tee through a friend about a year back. I tried almost every deodorant on the market as well as various deodorant for women. I also strongly considered botox. Fortunately I didn't take that extreme measure. Putting harmful or foreign products on or in my body is not something I wanted to do. Later in my 20s I found Hydrosal which I used on and off when needed which was somewhat effective, but it's basically pure aluminium going into my body so I used it only when I felt like it was absolutely necessary. Hydrosal also left my armpits irritated and feeling very hard. This is the same type of sensation you might experience from many prescription strength deodorant, except more so. The first few times I used Hydrosal it also burned my skin when applied. That can't be good for anyone.

The Thompson Tee sweat proof shirts work like magic. I was so incredibly skeptical that it could really be a viable solution to my sweating problem, but it is. I'm sure for people who have not yet experienced this product, they have the same amount of skepticism. I feel that rarely can $25 solve a problem as big as this, but it does.

The T-shirt blocks 100% of underarm sweat. Interviews, presentations, meetings, night on the town, it doesn't matter. I now buy shirts knowing I can wear them whenever I want without tuning them. After a year of using the t-shirts, I don't even think about underarm sweating because it's no longer something I'm nervous about. In fact, it's even help me sweat less because there is no longer that vicious nervous circle.

Bottom line, it works. Try it. You will not regret it.

- Joel B., Business Executive

The shirts have made me 100% more confident in business dealings

The shirts are amazing, and they have made me 100% more confident in my business dealings - thanks!

- Jonah F.

I will recommend them to my patients

The Tees are great. I will recommend them to my patients.

- Kip E.

[The undershirt] helped me regain confidence and reduced my overall stress

I would like to begin by thanking you for your hard work on this amazing product. It has helped me regain confidence to lift my arms in social situations and reduced my overall stress...

- Rex L.

It really increased [my son's] self-confidence

The shirts work great! I bought them for my son, and it has really increased his self-confidence. Needless to say that my son loves the shirts - Thanks!

- Jai W.

It works EXACTLY as advertised

It's absolutely great...I tried it out with a brand new Borrelli dress shirt (really, really expensive, high arm holes and everything. Nice shirt.) on a day when I was meeting with a high-profile client. Stressful day, sweat more than usual. I was amazed at the Thompson Tee's sweat-through protection. NOTHING came through onto my dress shirt's underarms. It's one of the few products that works just like you say it does. Great stuff, and thanks for all the work you did making this product. I think Thompson Tee is a fantastic product. It works EXACTLY as advertised, and I'll be buying one for at least every day in the week. Great stuff - Thanks!

- Dane W.

I have no doubt that dancers would love this product

Just wanted to let you know that the shirt came in and works great! It's a major issue among salsa dancers that we just sweat a lot while dancing which the ladies don't like to feel on our shirts! I have no doubt that dancers would love this product...

- Harrison P.

My work shirts have remained completely dry

The shirts have been working work shirts have remained completely dry... I'm looking forward to not staining my new work shirts I just recently got as well! Great product. Thanks!

- Quincy V.

I LOVE my Thompson Tee...No nasty sweat marks!

I LOVE my thompson tee. It is great! No nasty sweat marks under my arms!

- Kim B.

I have tried three different brands now, and yours works the best...the best product I've found on the market so far.

- Wyatt T.

Real confidence booster

Honestly, I bought this shirt hoping it would help me reduce my sweat marks that seem to appear out of nowhere. This shirt has surpassed my expectations because it didn't reduce the sweat marks, no, it stopped them altogether. No matter what I do, the shirt stops any and all sweat from showing. I am now fully comfortable wearing colored shirts that I would have avoided previously and I never have to worry about raising my arms and showing these marks.I have already recommended it to many friends and they are very interested.

Thank you for your great product! It's been a real confidence booster.

- Wallace H.

This shirt really does its job

The shirt is amazing! I've been dealing with hyperhidrosis for 8 years and this shirt really does its job. I can't tell you how happy I am with your product...Thank you for your amazing product!

- Harold H.

Your Tees have helped me tremendously

You have a wonderful product, Thank You! I have tried many products over the years without relief. Your Tee's have helped me tremendously and I use them everyday. Again, Thanks!

- Bruce B.

It worked like a charm!

...I have tried your shirt and have used it several times for special events and it worked like a charm!

- Carson F.

I love your shirt. As a matter of fact, I would love more

I love your shirt. As a matter of fact, I would love more.

- Kenny F.

The armpit blocks sweat perfectly

The shirt works great! The armpit blocks sweat perfectly.

- Mauricio P.

[The Thompson Tee] even cuts down on deodorant smell

It (the Thompson Tee) doesn't fail. I've worn it during stuffy client meetings and also tried it out during a light cardio workout. No wet shirts...adds to the confidence. I know I have extra protection. It even cuts down on deodorant smell. I don't have to worry abouthaving my arms down at my sides where I usually have to sit or stand with bent arms to air things out. It's fantastic. I keep trying to push it...not doing all the tricks I've done for years to minimize wetness. It doesn't fail! I'm very pleased and washing it doesn't make it less effective.

- Rodney P.

Thank GOD for the Thompson Tee!

Thank GOD for the THOMPSON Tee!

- Donald P.

I really like the Thompson Tee; functions just as advertised

The yellow stains and the white salt stains on my dress shirts have become such a huge problem for me. It's frustrating...

I really like the Thompson Tee, functions just as advertised. I decided to go deodorant instead of antiperspirant, by the end of the day I was little damp in the underarm area, but none of it actually passed through the shirt, which was great!

The fit of the shirt is very nice. The shoulder and arm hole contour lovely to the body. The length of the shirt isn't too long nor too short, which is fantastic. I was able to lift my arms at my sides and the shirt still stays tucked in.

- Dylan L.

More than impressed with the results

Hello Thompson Tee Family - I have been using you product for a few years now, and I am more than impressed with the results. I suffer from full body hyperhydrosis, and this item has changed my life significantly.

- Leighton

I can finally wear light colored shirts

Today I received my first Thompson tee. Today is also the first day I've wore a light colored shirt in two years. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. You guy's changed my life!

- Warren

This really changes my life

I did get 2 black shirts and 3 white shirts in cotton material from you. I've been using them for a week and i observes no wet underarm the whole day. This really changes my life. Im going to forget the embarrassing moments which i underwent and now I take the confidence to work happily. Thank you so much! Love the enthusiasm of your support staff.

- Tien

Traveled for 25 hours and my shirt was perfectly dry

Thank you Thompson Tees for being a solution to many people that suffer from "the sweaty pit" syndrome. I just traveled for 25 hours and my shirt was perfectly dry thanks to your invention. I will be placing my order for 5 more today. Thank you.

- Branden

What a great product

What a great product. Keep up the great work.

- Steve

Life changing product

Thanks again for creating a life changing product, keep up the good work!

- Chris

I shoveled snow and did housework, and it prevented sweat from reaching my second layer

I am a 32-year-old with axillary hyperhidrosis...

I wore the Thompson Tee underneath a zip-up fleece that I knew would not breathe very well so that I could really test it out. I shoveled snow and did some housework, which always causes me to sweat, and it prevented sweat from reaching my second layer!

- Jessie M.

The Hydro-Shield is comfortable and effective

I have pretty serious sweat -- armpit and chest -- I'm a lawyer, so I wear a suit all the time.

The Thompson Tee protects my dress shirts from odor and staining. The Hydro-Shield is comfortable and effective.

- Doug J., Attorney

Wow, what a fabulous product!

Wow, what a fabulous product!

- Lonnie M.

They have been working absolutely great!

I purchased 6 shirts...and they have been working absolutely great!

- Solomon K.

A small price to pay to gain so much self confidence

I just wanted to say thank a long time sufferer of hyperhydrosis I was at the point of considering surgery to ease the issue. I have had years of literally sweating straight through on to my dress shirt before even leaving the house. I was skeptical about your product as I didn't believe anything could stop the sweating I had. How wrong I was! Your product has changed my life. I can now go to work feeling comfortable and not having to worry about my shirt. I have just placed an order for another 4 as I find $150 (£110) a small price to pay to gain so much self confidence. Thank you so much

- Steve

The results are LIFE CHANGING

I read about your company while online one night. I have been a BIG "pit sweater" my entire life and have tried every single cream, stick, pad, etc., and nothing ever worked. I've lined my undershirts with napkins hoping to soak it up! So, i thought I'd give you a shot. Today I am wearing your white v-neck t-shirt under my dress shirt for the first time....and the results are LIFE CHANGING. This morning I had a presentation and the technology went haywire unexpectedly...I had a hallway conversation with our Chief HR Officer, AND had to move my office. I KNOW I was sweating, and it is 4:00PM and there is not, nor has there been all day, a single wet spot showing on my dress shirt under my arms. I am ordering 4 more! THANK YOU for your product. I only wish I had found you earlier!

Forever Dry,

- Clark T.

I couldn't have got the promotion without [Thompson Tee]

Going on a sales training for 6 weeks in San Antonio and I’ll be bringing my whole set of Thompson Tees. I couldn't have got the promotion without you!

- Joe D.

My son now has 15 tees

My son now has 15 of your tee shirts and says they are the best he has ever had. They really work at keeping the sweat from showing through his clothes. great product...Thank you!!!!

- Kas

Thompson tee is really international!

Thompson tee is really international!. I live in Argentina a country in south america quite far from United States. But for luck I met Thompson tee on the web and I think your shirts are spectacular. I would never have found the solution to this problem without you. Thanks for all.

- Francisco

This is revolutionary!!

I am a worship leader that spends numerous hours of the week on stage, singing and playing electric guitar. This is revolutionary!!

- G.F.

On medicine that causes extreme underarm sweating and this is an amazing solution!

Thrilled at how well they work. On medicine that causes extreme underarm sweating and this is an amazing solution!

- K.C.

I can finally wear any color shirt I want without the worry of sweat showing

I recently purchased two original fit Thompson Tees and was not sure what to expect.. However, I wore it for the first time today since I just received them and I am absolutely blown away. I normally had to stick to dress shirts that would not show sweat marks and it sucked along with being embarrassing if I started to sweat through my dress shirt. For the first time ever, I wore a Thompson Tee and a blue dress shirt without knowing if I was going to sweat through it, taking the risk and trusting the product. After two hours of wearing, there was not even the slightest sign of any sweat coming through the dress shirt and I can finally wear any color shirt I want without the worry of sweat showing. I wanted to write a review but couldn't figure out how to post it, so I am emailing whoever this will go to, to let you know how ecstatic and mind blown I am by this product. Its literally a game changer and life savor and I wanted to reach out and thank the mastermind behind the product and the company. I have never written a review for any product nor have I ever felt the need to, but this product is worth reviewing. I heard about the product two days ago, ordered it and wore it today and couldn't help but reach out about it and express how awesome it is. I can now finally wear any color shirt I want without feeling self-conscious or worrying about sweating. I want to thank the company and the creator and I will be buying more and recommending it every person that I know.

- Brandon

You're literally saving lives!

You're making a product that not only serves its purpose, you're literally saving lives! You save our day to day confidence; relationships and much more! I truly appreciate everything you do for my life! Thanks again guys, you're so the best!!!

- S.P.

There is finally a solution for the sweat problem

I would like to thank you...this product is really amazing and there is finally a solution for the sweat problem, I never posted a review before in my life although I did this time because it deserves to be shared how great this product is.

- S.A.

Now I never leave the house without one of these on

I want to sincerely thank you all for making these tees. They work great and I couldn't be happier with the product. They really are a lifesaver. I could never wear any colored shirts and would have to constantly wear black. Now I never leave the house without one of these on. These have completely boosted my confidence and I was able to change my whole wardrobe. Thank you all so much for this product.

- Ben

It changed my professional life

I love this shirt. Bought one last week. Just bought 2 more. I want to help sell this product. I was plagued with sweaty underarms and know that I could promote this product. I would do trade shows, infomercials, whatever needed to be done. I love this shirt. It changed my professional life and I want to sell a product I believe in.

- James

This undershirt is a necessity for any guy's wardrobe!

I do not have the hyperhidrosis medical issue. Like most guys, certain situations may cause some underarm sweat or after long days where I work full time and then go straight to teach a night class (I'm a professor) odor can sometimes be a concern. One thing that is frustrating for me though, are the yellow stains in the armpit area only after the 4th or 5th time wearing a nice white collared dress shirt.

I received a Thompson Tee as a gift (don't think I would of bought one otherwise because I didn't think I needed it). I was very impressed with how the shirt performed the first day I wore it. I went the entire day and into the night, not only without having to worry about sweat ever hitting my outer shirts which I'm assuming will eliminate the yellow stains, but I was amazed at how the odor was contained at the end of the day. As a result, I bought another Thompson Tee so that I always have one handy just in case. I have now eliminated two concerns during those special moments and/or long days when I want to look good AND smell good.

The Thompson Tee certainly stands by their motto of Freedom Comfort and Confidence. This undershirt is a necessity for any guy's wardrobe!

- Charles T., Software engineer & Computer Science professor

I love them

...purchased 3 of the shirts...I love them...I probably will be buying some more to at the very least give myself around a weeks "supply". I am pleased and Ithank you very much!

- Nathan L.

Softer, more comfortable fabric compared to some more expensive undershirts

I have actually been most impressed with the shirt. It performs as advertised so far and has held up just fine to several washes now. I also like it is a softer more comfortable fabric even compared to some of the more expensive undershirts I own...will likely be purchasing additional shirts in the very near future.

- Owen W.

Bone dry pits!

Been using clinical strength antiperspirant everyday for a few years and a combo of tight undershirts and dark or white dress shirts to minimize the wet look. However, my armpits get itchy and still get wetness transfer to my outer shirt.

I waited a few days to try it out so I could make sure the clinical strength antiperspirant was out of the picture before testing. So far so good! Bone dry pits. I'm digging it!

- Samuel P.

Thanks for designing such an effective shirt

I think the shirt is great, planning on ordering at least three more. It has worked very well for me...what you've got so far seems like a stellar product - thank you for recognizing the market for it and for designing such an effective shirt. I certainly wish you and your company the best of luck going forward!

- Jackson M.

[The shirt] really seems to do the trick

The shirts been working great so far. Website was easy to use, and delivery was quick and easy too. I've tried wearing one of the shirts twice so far and it really seems to do the trick.

- Mason V.

I really love the natural stretch

...the undershirt is incredibly comfortable. it's made with a super soft 100% combed cotton that has a bit of a stretch to it. i really love the fact that it has a good amount of natural stretch, without needing to use lycra/spandex. the shirt feels great to wear and has a great overall fit...i'd love to see a version without the hydro-shield underarm protection for those of us that do not need it.

- Tug, The Undershirt Guy

First time in my life that I did not sweat through a shirt

I have already bought two of the bamboo slim fit one white and one black. I wore one today and I love them!!!! It's the first time in my life that I did not sweat through a shirt. I'm going to try the white one. Thank you for your excellent customer service.

- Phil

I was on the verge of getting my sweat glands removed

I would just like to thank you. I was on the verge of getting my sweat glands removed for this sweating. You have saved me so much money and I am so thankful. I love spreading the word about these amazing shirts. I want to buy more.

- Shane M.

It has honestly benefited my mental health

I have tried EVERYTHING when it comes to underarm sweat stains. I have very high social anxiety and am constantly sweating throughout the day. Once I started sweating there was no end to it. I would look down at my pit stains which would only cause me more anxiety and embarrassment. Thank you so so so so SO much for making this shirt. It has honestly benefited my mental health.

- Thomas C.

With this on, no sweatbands for the day

I usually get sweat bands on dress shirts within 10 mins. But with this on, no sweatbands for the day. Problem solved. I recommend this investment.

- A. R.

It's the only thing that has truly worked

Just wanted to say thank you! I wear dress shirts nearly every day and sweat was a constant issue- used to consciously try to hold my arms down so nobody would notice. I've tried so many solutions while throwing out so many shirts with stains. I bought a couple Thompson Tees a few months back and it's the only thing that has truly worked. Also love that you guys make it in the USA. Thanks again!

- Ali

I never imagined that anything could or would tame my rain forest underarms.

Thank you! I have suffered (people who don't sweat through a t-shirt, dress shirt AND sport coat, have no clue what I am talking about) with extreme hyperhidrosis for my whole life. I have tried every prescription antiperspirant and every homemade remedy possible. I have resorted to a closet of all black, white or navy blue dress shirts. When I go to conferences, I have to go to my hotel room between sessions to change my undershirt, and blow-dry the armpits of my dress shirt. When I hug people I am afraid that they will get the cold sweat transfer from my shirt. I am definitely the LAST person to raise the roof at a wedding. Basically, my whole social structure is based on my hiding my underarms from anyoneís vision. It sucks.

Well it sucked. I LOVE MY THOMPSON TEES!!! I never imagined that anything could or would tame my rain forest underarms. My brother suffers from the same issue, and when I saw an advertisement for The Thompson Tee, I bought him one for his birthday. To be quite honest, I figured that there was nothing that could tame our sweat, so I figured that I would let him be the one who was disappointed by your product (I am an awesome brother). Well, he called a few days later singing your praises. DRY, DRY, DRY!! He has since purchased 5 more. My wife picked me up one for Christmas, and I sweat the hell out of that thing. I put it through a marathon meeting with my boss, and then an optical appointment later on that night (appointments like that make me sweat more for some reason). I got home at about 7:00pm and ran right into the kitchen, and flashed my wife my armpits!! DRY!!!!!!

Basically, thank you. Thank you for giving me back that little bit of confidence that every meeting, and daily interaction has been missing for so many years. Thank you for being a workhorse of a company. I ordered a Tee Friday, at about 5:00pm. It was in my mailbox Monday. Witchcraft!!

I will be hitting up your next 20% sale, and everyone there after. I will also be spreading the word to all my brothers and sisters who suffer from Hyperhidrosis. Also, if you need a spokesperson, I am your man. I just asked to be paid in Tees. Have a great day!!!

- Nate

My confidence is higher than ever

I've never given feedback on a product but am compelled to thank you for changing my life. I've always struggled with sweat stains and have tried wearing multiple undershirts or changing deodorant and it never worked. I regularly sweat visibly through suitcoats. My work required me to wear blue dress shirts and my only hope was to keep arms down and constantly wonder if employees, customers, or bosses noticed. Even wearing a black suit jacket would make sweat noticeable. I recently started a new executive job and am SO glad I found Thompson T!! For the first time ever I was able to buy dress shirts without worrying about how they would wear, or try to strategically buy lower offending visible colors and designs. I bought 5 Thompson Ts to get me through my first week. My confidence is higher than ever, my wife is happier, and my career will be more effective because of you. I hope the shirts hold up to daily wear, but I will only be buying Thompson T shirts for life. I'm a skeptic of advertising, but these shirts do EVERYTHING promised. No more ruining my dress shirts or being embarrassed during meetings or at the job. Thank you for changing my life.

- J.H.

I'm more confident than I have been since I was 13

I am a healthy 25 year old woman who has suffered from Hyperhidrosis since I was 13. It's amazing how life altering it is to have Hyperhidrosis. There is this connotation that someone who is sweaty is "unclean" or "stinky" and since I work in the customer service department and am constantly moving and speaking with the public I leave every day with huge, unsightly sweat stains under my arms. I have ruined so many shirts through the years, and spent tons of money buying new work shirts every 2 months. I have tried prescription deodorants, OTC clinical strength deodorant, I have tried changing my diet, bought various shirts/tanks saying that it will wick away the moisture and even resorted to using feminine pads inside my shirt. The deodorant would cause skin irritation and rashes. Basically, anything you could think of, I tried and EVERY single one of them failed me. It's horrible going through each day feeling sweaty and knowing that there is nothing I could do about it, until my husband surprised me with one of your shirts a few days ago.

I was so skeptical when he gave me the shirt. Of course I smiled and said thanks because I didn't want him to feel bad but I was secretly upset he "wasted" money on another shirt that would only fail me. I decided I would test it out today, it being one of the BUSIEST days of the year, and in my case one of the sweatiest days. I worked my butt off today, I was constantly moving and let me tell sweat stains. Not even a little one. NOTHING. I felt amazing all day! I didn't feel that sticky dirty feeling from sweat. I didn't get people staring and my sweat stains (there were NONE!) Because of the Thompson Tee I was able to be more confident than I have been since I was 13. That is not an over dramatization either. The Thompson Tee has saved me. I came home and literally cried from happiness. You guys gave me my life back and I appreciate it more than anyone of you will ever know. PLEASE send this email onto anyone and everyone at Thompson Tee so they will all know what a huge difference they have made in my life. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

- Sam C.

The shirts are working perfectly

The shirts are working perfectly. I see ordering more in the near future. Thanks!

- Juan C.

Superior in comfort, construction and mobility

I have been personally fighting this condition for 20 years and have suffered through limitations and difficulties in purchasing clothing to try and hide my condition...

The Thompson Tee felt soft to the touch. My immediate impression was that this shirt was going to feel good to wear. In a side-by-side comparison with the (competitor) your product blows them away in comfort, seamless construction, and mobility. The Thompson Tee integrated design has a much lower profile and is fully integrated in to the garment making it superior in comfort, construction and mobility.

The Thompson Tee absolutely prevented the moisture from passing through to the outer garment. The outer layer of the shirt remained dry, and I experienced no transfer of moisture to the outer shirts.

Perfect fit. The shirt extended down several inches below my waistline making it stay tucked into garments quite well without feeling like I was wearing a tunic.

I feel extremely grateful for individuals like yourself that are spending the energy researching and taking strides to bring comfort and solutions to those who suffer from hyperhidrosis and embarrassing social situations.


- Eddie H., Project Manager

My son can now wear all his clothes!!

I bought these shirts for my 20 year old son who started an internship a couple weeks ago. We've tried the prescription deodorant too and it has helped but not solved the problem. He has to wear suit and tie and couldn't take his jacket off because of the sweat marks on his shirts. He is so happy - these shirts have changed his life (his words) He has said to me that now he can wear all his clothes!!

- Michelle

My husband is ECSTATIC that he no longer has to worry about armpit stains

I purchased 4 of the men's slim Tshirts for my husband a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with these shirts!!! All the testimonials are absolutely 100% TRUE, these shirts are a game changer. My husband is ECSTATIC that he no longer has to worry about "armpit" stains when talking to guests who are dining in .. he spends all day on his feet ensuring the restaurant runs smoothly and all the guests are having a wonderful experience. So, a big KUDOS to everyone who helped develop this product!!!

- Jennifer

My shirt stayed dry the whole day

I just wanted to write in to thank the Thompson Tee team for such a superb product! I am a teacher and am usually up and around with kids all day so I get fairly sweaty during gym and other times of the day. At first I was weary of whether the padded arms were really going to work, since I can get fairly large sweat marks on my shirts, but it performed phenomenally! My shirt stayed dry through the whole day. I felt much more confident and professional in a clean, dry shirt and I believe it is reflecting in my work. Thank you guys for not only making a great undershirt, but also giving confidence and security to heavy sweaters worldwide!

- Brett

I'm much more confident and comfortable in my professional life

The Thompson Tee has solved a problem nothing else has solved. I've tried every solution under the sun to try to prevent underarm wetness with very little success, until I purchased the Thompson Tee. It's really amazing how much more confident and comfortable I am in my professional life, now that I don't have to worry about underarm wetness. In my experience dealing with their customer service team, they were nothing but friendly and incredibly helpful, and this is what will keep me as a customer for years to come.

- Chris

Life changing!

Your shirts are amazing! Life changing! Thanks again!

- Joe

The Thompson Tee team is superior, a refreshing quality!

Thank you so much! I love to see a true blue U.S. company in action! I just want to say that your product and your company, the Thompson Tee team is superior, a refreshing quality! I can't wait to get the new order in, with the right size, and to write up a glowing review for you on Amazon. Friends for life...Thanks again.

- Carolyn

Your shirts are amazing!

Your shirts are amazing!

- Luke

It's no sweat

We're all afraid of perspiration showing through our shirts. With this business, it's no sweat!

- ABC's Shark Tank

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