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Nervous Sweating

If you sweat excessively due to anxiety or nerves, you might not have the medical condition hyperhidrosis, but rather suffer from nervous sweating

What is Nervous Sweating?

Does a first date, sales presentation or even the thought of it leave your armpits­­ sopping wet? Do you sweat at the idea of sweating alone?

If you sweat excessively due to anxiety or nerves, you might not have the medical condition hyperhidrosis, but rather suffer from nervous sweating.

Unlike stress, nervousness and anxiety generally stem from the fear of failure or potential embarrassment rather than the stressor itself. In other words, you become less aware of what you’re anxious about, and the reaction becomes the problem.

Sweating is a natural, evolutionary response to fear. When your body perceives a threat (even an imagined one like blowing your sales pitch), it triggers your flight-or-flight response, and all systems go.

Your heart rate and blood pressure spike, which raises your body temperature and brings on the sweating along with a foul smell that differs from exercise sweat.

The Effects of Nervous Sweat

Regardless of the clinical definition, if you sweat excessively when nervous, you may experience side effects similar to those with hyperhidrosis. In either case, worrying about an upcoming presentation or talking to an attractive person may leave your light blue dress shirt sullied with sweat marks that give away your nervousness.

In business, nervous sweating can be a career-breaker. The most successful salespeople and business leaders ooze confidence, and nervous sweating is the quickest way to destroy your aura of self-assurance.

Sweating can also impact how others see you. If you’re pitching a new client, your heavy sweating could make her question your credibility. The smell of nervous sweat alone is enough to influence others’ judgment of you. In fact, the smell of stress sweat affects the way others perceive you in terms of competence, confidence and trustworthiness, according to research by the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.

Proactive Ways to Stop Nervous Sweating

Fear is a natural part of life. When thoughts or fear of failure become too overwhelming, you need a way to cope and curb an impending sweat event. Here are 4 ways to take control over your nerves the next time they strike:

  • Focused breathing
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Visualizing success
  • Staying hydrated

How the Thompson Tee Conceals Nervous Sweat

You might sweat bullets when your nerves set in, but no one has to know.

Thompson Tee co-founders Billy and Randy spent more than 10 years developing the only patented sweat proof technology called Hydro-Shield, which is embedded in the underarms of every premium Thompson Tee to fight sweat all day long.

This lightweight layering system traps heat and moisture and allows it to evaporate rather than seep through to your outer layer – providing relief from wet marks and yellowing that quickly destroy your clothing and your confidence.

Thompson Tee sweat proof underarm barrier
shirt bullet

Why Thompson Tees?

  • Guaranteed protection from “wet marks” & yellow stains
  • Patented Hydro-Shield Sweat Proof Techonolgy ensures that you will appear sweat free
  • 100% RISK FREE for 30 days
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Made in the USA

See How The Technology Works - Thompson Tee Demo

Thompson Tee co-founder Billy Thompson demonstrates how Thompson Tee's Hydro-Shield technology
blocks even the most intense moisture!

What Do Customers Have to Say?

“I work as an Associate Producer in news media, a very high stress environment. Today, the stress was even higher as we had breaking news, and I could feel my underarms getting wet. This was the first day in many years that I did not regret wearing a pale shirt…I can't be thankful enough for not having to wear black tomorrow, or any other day."

— Laurent

This shirt has given me INSTANT confidence knowing I wont have embarrassing sweat marks on my dress shirts, I don't have to lock my arms to my sides hoping no one will notice. These shirts ABSOLUTELY work!"

— Travis

"Just happened to have a meeting that day with 50 other people present... So, nervous as always I sat in the meeting with my hands tucked under my armpits as usual. I got out of the meeting and went back to my desk and to my surprise my outer shirt was still bone dry. I was sweating profusely in that meeting…but it had not gone through either shirt that I had on."

— Leon

Thompson Tee Withstands 150+ Degree Weather

Just how well can a sweat proof Thompson Tee actually protect you from heavy underarm sweating?

TV reporter Jason Pederson put the Thompson Tee to the test by exercising in 150+ degree weather to definitively answer just that.

Check out his results after running 500 yards and hundreds of steps in a dress shirt and Thompson Tee!

Joe Shares His Story

Working in corporate sales operations, Joe Dopirak was desperate for a solution to his embarrassing underarm sweating, but nothing seemed to work. Then he found the Thompson Tee.

Watch this video to learn how the Thompson Tee helped Joe subdue the effects of hyperhidrosis, avoid invasive treatments and medications and regain his confidence.

Try it for yourself!
Risk FREE for 30 Days

We gladly accept returns or exchanges on all opened or used Thompson Tee shirts up to 30 days from purchase date so feel free to wear it, wash it and try it!




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