Usually sweating is predictable. You expect to sweat during a hard work out on a sweltering summer day. After a long day at the office with a broken A/C (nightmare), it’s no surprise that you’re sticky and uncomfortable. 

But then there are other instances. You chug an energy drink and start sweating for no reason. You’re about to give a presentation at work when suddenly, despite the chilly room, your palms are slippery. You take a bite of spicy chicken curry and immediately feel your face flush and get hot.

What Else Causes Sweating? 

Sweat is triggered by other factors than exercise and heat including your diet, what you drink and your environment. Here are some excessive underarm sweating causes you didn’t know about. 

Caffeine. 90% of the world consumes caffeine in some form. In the U.S. 80% of American adults consume caffeine every day, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Caffeine stimulates the brain and nervous system, causing sweating. The temperature of your caffeinated beverage may also spike your body temperature and momentarily cause sweating. (P.S. check out our tips to beat caffeine sweats here.) 

Medical conditions. We’ve talked about hyperhidrosis before. It’s a medical condition where one area of your body sweats profusely. Besides hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating can also indicate larger medical issues such as a warning sign of thyroid problems, side effects of medication, obesity, diabetes or infection.  

Blind date sweats. OK, so maybe you’ve never been on a blind date, but we all know the feeling. Anxious situations, like a first job interview, public speaking, a big presentation or meeting new people for the first time, trigger your body’s flight or fight response, causing you to sweat. 

Diet. In addition to caffeine, what you eat has a significant effect on your body and sweat glands. Spicy foods, such as curry, sugary desserts and even chocolate (high sugar and caffeine content) can all trigger your nervous system and cause sweating.  

More exercise, more sweat. You may think the more often you work out, your body will adapt and sweat less. Not the case. A fit person starts sweating earlier and easier during a workout. While it sounds strange, the more a person exercises, the more efficient their body is at regulating temperature. The earlier you sweat, the faster your body cools down, allowing you to work out harder for longer. 

What to do about excessive underarm sweating causes. 

While it can be uncomfortable, sweat is a necessary part of daily life. How much a person sweats is an unique combination of their environment, gender, genetics, age and even fitness level. As your body temperature fluctuates, your nervous system works to regulate it so you don’t overheat. 

Although important for your body, sweating isn’t always convenient. You want to be able to enjoy spicy foods, your morning cup of joe and make it through the job interview without sweating through your shirt. That’s where Thompson Tee comes in. Our undershirts have a patented sweat proof barrier built into the underarms. The barrier technology absorbs sweat and releases vapor, letting sweat escape without anyone seeing it. So go ahead and order the spiciest dish in the world Thompson Tees has you covered.