How’s your current deodorant working for you? Keeping that B.O. stank away all day long? We didn’t think so.

If no matter what you do (shower daily, slather on deodorant, spritz cologne or perfume) you still can’t seem to keep B.O. away, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve made a list of the five best deodorants for body odor — period.

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Don't Give Up Yet! How To Find The Best Deodorants for Body Odor

There’s a massive amount of information on which deodorants tackle B.O. the best (it’s overwhelming!)

Here’s what you really need to know. The key to finding the best deodorants for body odor is to understand exactly what causes the stink. Stinky pits (and body odor in general) happen when the bacteria on your skin mixes with sweat and produces a putrid acid.


So how do you say goodbye to body odor once and for all? By choosing a deodorant that attacks ALL sources of the stink.

Here are the five best sweat reducers, bacteria fighters and odor neutralizers on the market.

The 5 Best Deodorants for Body Odor

Not all deodorants are created equal. So, if you’re fed up with yours try these five best deodorants for body odor:

5. Stank Stop Deodorant

Stank Stop deodorant is one of the best deodorants for body odor for both men and women. It’s an all-natural deodorant that doesn’t fade away by noon. You can get it in a tube or jar.

The main ingredients are coconut oil and baking soda that fight bacteria and naturally neutralize odors.

And for all you hipsters out there, Stank Stop is cruelty-free, organic certified, certified Paleo and 100% made in the USA.

Sound too good to be true? We promise it’s the real deal. Check out the rave reviews on Amazon and their website.

4. Dove Men+Care Cool Fresh Antiperspirant Stick

Dove Men+Care Cool Fresh Antiperspirant is not all-natural, but it’s still one of the best deodorants for body odor. It’s also one of the highest rated Dove products, averaging 4.7 out of five stars.

This antiperspirant deodorant contains aluminum zirconium (gasp aluminum!) But don’t worry, unlike other forms of aluminum, aluminum zirconium is dermatologist approved. Use it to reduce sweat and keep bacteria from creating B.O.

3. For Pits Sake! Natural Deodorant

For Pits Sake! natural deodorant: one of the best deodorants for body odor that just so happens to be all-natural.

Like Stank Stop, For Pits Sake! contains coconut oil and baking soda to fight body odor at the source. But unlike Stank Stop, it comes in a variety of scents — and even an unscented option.

Whether you want to smell woodsy, floral, citrusy or just NOT have B.O., there’s an option for you.

Not sure if For Pits Sake!'s hippie-dippy ingredients will actually help your smelly pits? Here's what their customers say:

“…best all-natural deodorant I have ever used”

“I sweat all the time, for no reason at all, and this stuff keeps me SO fresh.”

“I have tried many ‘natural’ deodorants that do little to stop body odor…This one has been the best deodorant I have ever tried.”

2. Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

We raved about it in our post, The Best Natural Deodorant For Heavy Underarm Sweating, and we’ll sing its praises again here. Schmidt’s natural deodorant is one of the best deodorants for body odor.

Fast Company, Allure, Goop, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Runner’s World agree — Schmidt’s is life-changing.

Schmidt’s absorbs sweat, neutralizes body odor, moisturizes your skin and smells like a spa.

Choose from six luxurious scent combos: Activated Charcoal + Magnesium, Rose Vanilla, Bergmont Lime, Ylang Ylang + Calendula, Lavender + Sage and Cedarwood + Juniper.

Sign up for their subscription service and enjoy free shipping.

1. PiperWai

Fellow Shark Tank contestant and armpit aficionado PiperWai makes what we think is the best deodorant for body odor.

PiperWai natural deodorant antiperspirant contains activated charcoal, 11 essential oils, shea butter and pure Vitamin E.

It’s a quadruple threat:

  1. The activated charcoal absorbs sweat and balances the pH level of your pits to keep bacteria from growing and producing the stinky acid that causes B.O.
  2. The essential oils keep you smelling fresh.
  3. The shea butter and vitamin E nourish your skin to keep it soft and supple.
  4. The formula won’t stain or leave annoying marks on clothes.

We’re impressed and think you will be too.

Bonus Tip: Combine the Best Deodorants For Body Odor With a Thompson Tee

Combine the Thompson Tee with the best deodorants for body odor

We all know that sweat and bacteria are a deadly combination.

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