The notion of “Made in USA” is not dead, as some businesses put national pride ahead of cutting corners to save on costs. Thompson Tee is one of those patriotic companies who are looking to help the folks here at home by expanding business within the confines of American borders and not to a sweatshop overseas. The founders of Thompson Tee understand the pains many Americans are going through in this tough economy and don’t want to abandon the talent that resides state-side.

ABC 10 News ran a story about our resolve to stay in the United States, and though it will be a struggle, we are committed to this value to which our company was founded on. However, in not taking our products to be manufactured overseas, we do need the support of our communities and friends in raising enough capital to pay for the labor and resources required to bring you more Thompson Tees. If you would like to help support our cause in creating more American jobs, please contact us. For the full story from ABC 10 News, watch the video below: