Archives: September 2016

  • Botox for Hyperhidrosis: Is It Right for You?

    At Thompson Tee, we often receive testimonials from customers who’ve either tried Botox for hyperhidrosis or were on the brink of getting the procedure to reduce underarm sweat before discovering o...

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  • The Best Undershirts for Scrubs & More Ways to Stop Sweat

    When you think of high-stress environments, hospitals top the list. Staying on your feet for a 12-hours shift, shuffling from room to room with few breaks and dealing with life-or-death situations nat...

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  • How to Stop Chub Rub, Boob Sweat & Other Sticky Situations

    Sunshine, warm weather and strappy dresses might shore up happy images of summer. But for most women, the reality looks more like sweaty lady parts and red, itchy skin from chub rub. The lovely effect...

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