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  • Polish Your Look With These Subtle Tips for Wearing a Suit

    Every office has that guy who wears a suit with complete perfection. Rocking a suit is all about the details. And paying attention to those details makes you look smart, refined and confident. But pu...

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  • What Colors Show Sweat the Least?

    If you sweat a little extra at the office, your closet has likely grown into a sea of white. Although white dress shirts hide sweat, no one wants to wear the same color day in and day out. Mixed wit...

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  • 10 Foods That Reduce Excessive Sweating

    You swipe on a mound of antiperspirant and shower obsessively to control sweat. But what about your diet? Fight Excessive Sweating With These Foods Digestion might not seem like a taxing bodily func...

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  • 6 Gifts for Grooms to Keep His Style on Point

    You've gotten to know your fiancé pretty well over the years — from his lovable quirks to his unshakeable (and not so adorable) habits. But finding the perfect wedding gift for your hubby to-be...

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