Archives: May 2016

  • A Closer Look at Prescription Drugs for Hyperhidrosis

    You’ve tried “clinical-strength” antiperspirant, wadding up paper towels or maybe even graduated to armpit pads. But nothing seems to stop that pesky underarm sweat. If you suffer from hyperhidr...

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  • Keep Cool: How to Dress for Summer From Head to Toe

    Summer style often means shorts, tees and sandals. But if you sweat more than the average person, your typical summer look likely involves many, many layers. Sure, layering might be an easy way to hi...

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  • 5 Situations Only Super Sweaty People Understand

    You layer shirts to cover up your sweat. But this only makes you hotter. And sweat still finds a way to seep through. Or you stuff your shirts with paper towels, but your super-strength sweat soaks th...

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