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  • Your Secondary Hyperhidrosis Checklist: Can Your Heavy Sweating Be Reversed?

    Millions of people suffer from primary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) which has no known cause or cure. But if you’re part of a smaller pool of people, your excessive sweating can be traced back...

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  • How to Stop Stress Sweat and Keep ‘Cool’ During Your Next Big Presentation

    When you entered the business or sales arena, you signed up for the stress. But you probably didn't anticipate the stress sweating that gives away your nerves and destroys your self-confidence. Swe...

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  • Thompson Tee featured in Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Gift Ideas for Men

    The holiday season brings its own set of pressures with it. How do you choose the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends? Start with these 30 ideas!  Click here to read more.   ...

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  • 6 Habits That Secretly Signal Your Body to Sweat More

    Are These 6 Sweat-Inducing Habits Part of Your Daily Routine? If you sweat more than normal, the last thing you want to do is unknowingly dupe your body into sweating even more. But if you commit cert...

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