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  • Promo Pricing for Our Sweat Proof Slim Fit Tees Is Ending – Here’s Why We Love Bamboo

      Like they say, all good things eventually come to an end. And while we were thrilled to offer the slim-fit shirt at promotional pricing, we knew the day would come to return to normal prices. ...

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  • ‘Thompson Tees keep me confident onstage, no matter what role I'm playing’

    Performing in front of a crowd is a naturally stress-inducing situation. And if you experience excessive sweating, the spotlight can cue your sweat glands and put your performance to the ultimate t...

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  • Armpit Sweat Pads: The Raw, Irritating, Adhesive Truth

    As founders of Thompson Tee, my co-founder Randy and I have dedicated our lives to helping people overcome the embarrassing aspects of armpit sweat and the unforgiving clothing stains that come with i...

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  • Why Thompson Tee Chose to Be 100-Percent Made in the U.S.

    I always wanted Thompson Tee to be manufactured in the U.S. But when I first started calling around to find manufacturers for the Thompson Tee, everyone said the same thing: “No one is making unders...

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