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  • 7 Misconceptions of Excessive Sweating – And Why You Shouldn’t Fall for Them

    Whether you sweat profusely or have stared perplexedly as sweat pours from someone in an air-conditioned room, no one is safe from the misconceptions associated with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosi...

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  • How Thompson Tee Transformed the Life of One Sales Professional

    For years, Joe Dopirak suffered from a bizarre and isolating issue. He thought he was the only one who sweated profusely through his shirts. Then 10 years ago, he was diagnosed with axillary hyperhid...

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  • I Underwent ETS Surgery for Hyperhidrosis: Here's My Advice

    “Are you OK?” If you suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, this question is the last thing you want to hear when a sweat event strikes. But it never fails. I remember when my friends as...

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