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  • Stress or Nervous Sweating

    Sweating is one of the most common anxiety symptoms and the reality is that nervous sweating is not only common – it's normal (especially when compared to someone with Hyperhidrosis). A natural str...

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  • Thompson Tee featured on KCal 9 Los Angeles with Josh McBride!

    Lifestyle expert Josh McBride showcases the Thompson Tee on KCal 9 Los Angeles! Special thank you to both Josh and KCal 9!   ...

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  • Thompson Tee Featured on Better TV Spring Bling

    Lifestyle Expert, Josh McBride, (along with countless others) loves the Thompson Tee and recommends it! Watch below:     ...

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  • 'The Thompson Tee Improved My Quality of Life'

    "Before discovering the Thompson Tee sweat proof shirts, excessive underarm sweating affected me on a daily basis. Some days were worse than others, but every day of my life I was thinking about the s...

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  • Why do we sweat?

    Humans are the sweatiest animals on the planet! Sweating is an essential and natural biological process of keeping you cool, an advantage that distinguishes us humans apart from the rest of the animal...

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