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  • News 12 Long Island

    Looking for something to help you beat the heat? We all know the joys of the warmer seasons: beach days, picnics, bright sunny days and, well, the heat. Some of us love the 75+ weather, but for those of us who sweat more than the rest, it can be a killer. The heat can not only do a number on our bodies, but also our clothes, showing those horrible pit stains and soaked shirts. As seen on News 12, the Thompson Tee is a great solution for big-time sweaters to feel at ease on those hot days. The hosts of the segment introduce the Thompson Tee as a soft, light-weight garment with built in Hydro Shield technology to wick away your excess moisture and evaporate it into the air to keep you dry and confident. Check out Thompson Tee in the spotlight in the video below:


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