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Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • Holiday Cheer from The Undershirt Guy on our 20% Off Holiday Special

    We set Tug at The Undershirt Guy and his readers up with a special 20% off promo code just in time for the holidays, which he helped us spread the word about.  We're always happy to see undershirt enthusiasts like Tug get the information out to his readers and help them out with exclusive promo codes and discounts whenever we can-- thanks Tug!  Read more here:

  • The Review Stew

    ReviewStew thompson tee Thompson Tee gets another seal of approval from The Review Stew! They are whole-heartedly suggesting that if you have an issue with excessive sweating, the Thompson Tee is a great solution to keeping you dry and odor free through the day. With the patented Hydro Shield sweat-proof technology built right into the fabric of the shirt, staying dry is as easy simply putting the shirt on and wearing it during your activities. For the full review from “The Review Stew” on the Thompson Tee, check out their blog.

  • Support for our Limited Run Classic Tee Launch from The Undershirt Guy

    undershirtguy-logo-b thompson teeBy popular demand, we launched a limited special for our Thompson Tee Classic-- all the feel and fit of our normal shirts you know and love, just without the Hydro-Shield technology, for when you don't need the extra underarm sweat protection.  Who better to announce it than the man himself, Tug from The Undershirt Guy?  Read more here:

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