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    America is looking through rose-colored glasses this month, and for good reason. Retailers and marketers capitalize on the ‘pink’ movement to bring awareness and funding to breast cancer and research. In this “pink month”, we see pink ribbons and our normal products replaced with their rosy counterparts. If this all seems a little over the top, here are a few thoughts:
    The NFL has even joined in on the fun, as we see brute linebackers sporting pink gloves and refs wearing the color. The league has entitled this nationwide campaign “A Crucial Catch, Annual Screening Saves Lives” ) While many critique the NFL for seeing that only about 8% of the sales actually go to research, proponents say that the national attention being given to Breast Cancer Awareness is a touchdown regardless. The figurehead of the NFL’s “Crucial Catch”- a Staten Island mom was motivated to check checked after a New York Jets game two years ago. In just a few seconds she found a quarter-sized lump- later being diagnosed as triple-negative breast cancer. What followed was a year of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments that were, as she put it, "nothing short of horrible." Almost two years to the day she first discovered her tumor, Tina is now cancer-free.
    The ever popular Marie Claire weighs in on breast cancer merchandise: “This month, an awareness-minded consumer can buy almost any knickknack or household item in pink — from lint brushes and shoelaces to earbuds and Snuggies. If she happens to be in an American Airlines Admirals Club, she can snack on pink cookies while drinking pink champagne. If instead she finds herself at one of the nation's 500 Jersey Mike's Subs franchises, for about $7 she can order the "pink ribbon combo," consisting of a sandwich, chips, and soda served in a limited-edition pink plastic cup (because nothing says "cancer awareness" like chips and soda).” Almost $6 billion dollars is raised annually for the name of breast cancer.
    While it does mean that we are awash with waves of pink pink pink in most every household good this month, we are still optimistic that one day, all of this attention will not only stop a woman’s developing breast cancer, but also stop cancer in it’s tracks before it starts in the future. We here at Thompson Tee are committed to supporting our mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends in the fight against breast cancer. For a quick reference guide on Early Detection and protecting yourself, go to The National Breast Cancer Website.
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  • The Undershirt Guy is Giving our Sale a Bump

    The Undershirt Guy knows that the super sexy black tee shirt is on everyone’s wish list, and now it has been perfected for people who sweat. It is hard to look sexy with drenched pits, but now there is a worry-free solution! Tug’s readers have been ordering and we are getting great testimonials. The black tee shirt with Hydro-Shield Sweatproof Technology works in the hottest of environments, even tropical places.  Long time sufferer of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) love them too.

  • OC Register

    Greg Hardesty and Kathleen Luppi, the “Two Blondes” team at the Orange County Register tried out the Thompson Tee and were so impressed with the product, they just had to write about it in their column. Even though the sweat-proof undershirt has garnered a great reputation already, the Two Blondes decided to put the Thompson Tee to the test. To see their full review, check out the Two Blondes column at the Orange County Register website.

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