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    american-made-heroes-thompson tee Thompson Tee has been officially approved by American Made Heroes! When Billy Thompson first started Thompson Tee in 2012, he made a vow to do his best to keep jobs with his company here in the United States of America to provide his friends and neighbors the chance to show the world what American ingenuity and effort can produce. Thompson has turned down offers to ship his operations overseas in favor of an ideal that is pure patriotism and commitment to the American Dream. However, don’t take our word for it—let the man himself tell you what Thompson Tee stands for in a video segment at!

  • The Patriot News (

    the patriot news thompson teeOur very own founder Billy Thompson is in the news again, this time in his hometown of Carlisle, PA. The folks at are proud of their now local legend for creating such a revolutionary product for men and women who suffer from excessive sweating. Being from a small all-American town full of hard working folks, Thompson himself took the American-made sentiment with him when he created Thompson Tee, hoping to keep all operations and manufacturing in America so that “for every 2000 shirts sold, an American job is created.” Read the entire article from The Patriotic News to learn more about Billy Thompson’s early years and how you can help support Thompson Tee’s efforts to keep all jobs American!

  • Yahoo! Finance

    Thompson Tee understands that ladies sweat too, and can be just as susceptible to excessive sweating as men. With that notion in mind, Thompson Tee has ladies covered by offering Thompson Tee undershirts fitted for women in a stylish scoop neckline design. Don’t worry ladies—these Thompson Tees made just for you offer the same sweat and odor fighting abilities as our classic men’s line of products. The Thompson Tee is light-weight, soft, comfortable, and uses our patented Hydro Shield technology to keep the moisture out of sight and out of mind. See what Yahoo! Finance had to say about our famous Thomson Tees and our new product line for ladies.

  • Crowdfund Insider

    crowdfundinsider thompson teeWhat do you do when potential investors keep telling you that in order to be able to do business, you will have to ship all of your production overseas to the sweatshops of the world? If you have a notion of supporting the American economy as well as your friends and neighbors like Billy Thompson of Thompson Tee does, then you flat out refuse such offers and take another route. Thompson Tee has instead decided to go the ever-growing trend of crowdfunding, an investment option that lets just about anyone donate money to your cause instead of relying on one or a few investors. Also, you don’t give away part of your company in return—crowdfunding through means of websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo (which we took part in) is becoming the new way of gaining capital to make things happen, and Thompson Tee needs your help to realize our dream of creating new American jobs through expansion within the United States.

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