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    cw23 thompson teeJust as the hosts from the “Friday Finds” segment of CW 23 found out, the Thompson Tee is very good at dealing with unwanted sweat stains while out and about, all built into a very comfortable and stylish package. Whether you are trying to look your best at work or out on the town, you don’t want a pesky thing like sweaty underarms to get you down by peeking through your favorite shirt or blouse. By utilizing the Thompson Tee as your chosen undershirt, you can brave every situation in daily life where you might get overly sweaty without worry as the Hydro Shield technology will keep you dry with odor blockers to keep your natural scent pleasant.

    The Thompson Tee comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from standard crew neck to V-neck styles for both men and women. Many of us sweat big, so why not keep it in check in a big way with a Thompson Tee! To see the “Friday Finds” assessment of our wonderful products, check out the video below:

  • ABC 4

    The Thompson Tee has become so popular that even ABC News has picked us up! Proving that Hydro Shield Technology is gaining in popularity, the Thompson Tee makes a great gift for someone you may know who could use an undershirt that boosts their confidence when they want to wear their favorite clothes without fear of “soaking right through” them. Besides keeping your sweat away from your clothes, the Thompson Tee also evaporates the moisture away, keeping you dry all day long in a light-weight and comfortable package.

    The ladies from ABC 4’s “Daily Dish” segment in Salt Lake City, UT sang the undershirt’s praises, highlighting the facts like it is tagless, machine washable/dryable, comfortable in a variety of styles, and also fights odor as well as sweat. When the TV morning shows think your product makes for a great gift to someone special, you know you are doing something right. We have confidence that not only will the Thompson Tee sweat-proof undershirt make a great gift for someone you know, but for yourself as well when you want that extra protection and confidence. For the whole segment on ABC 4, watch the video below.

  • Fox 45

    fox45 thompson teeLooking to not look like a sweaty mess when pumping iron at the gym? What about getting your run in without showing off those awful pit stains? For those of us who get in our exercise a few times a week, we are familiar with how unattractive we can look after a hard-hitting session of weight lifting, running, or an aerobics class. At the gym or on the go, Thompson Tee has you covered in keeping you dry during your workout sessions.

    Maybe you’ve bought so-called “sweat guard” workout clothes in the past in an attempt to hide the sweat you work up, but no matter how much you try, you still get soaked. Clothes full of sweat can be just uncomfortable as they are unattractive and sometimes smelly. With a Thompson Tee, you can work out for hours and not even notice any moisture or lingering smell. That’s because our undershirt has patented Hydro Shield technology to draw moisture away from your body and evaporate it away; the light-weight fabric also built-in odor fighters to keep you as fresh as roses even when doing extreme activity. So when you head off on your run or to the gym, don’t forget your Thompson Tee! Check out the story from Fox 45 below:


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