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    brash thompson teeSay Goodbye to Sweat Stains with The Thompson Tee!  Ready to make a good first impression on that all-important date, meeting, or outing without excessive sweatiness ruining everything? The Thompson Tee can help you keep that extra sweat and odor in check, whether you’re just nervous or have extreme sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis). Check out what  had to say about the famous Thompson Tee!

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  • Yahoo Finance

    yahfinance thompson teeYahoo Finance helped us announce the facts regarding how our company answered the problem our founder Bill Thompson struggled with for years. Thompson Tee was started to provide the solution for underarm sweat. What Thompson created is a sweat-proof tee shirt, Made in the USA and classified as a medical device with the FDA.  The impressive patent-pending design provides the wearer the confidence to know that visible arm pit wetness is a thing of the past. For more details head over to Yahoo Finance

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