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  • Stress or Nervous Sweating

    Sweating is one of the most common anxiety symptoms and the reality is that nervous sweating is not only common – it's normal (especially when compared to someone with Hyperhidrosis).

    A natural stress response related to the ‘fight or flight’ system, when you're nervous your body sends a rush of hormones that trigger an increase in heart rate and blood flow, among other things. To help cool the body down from all of that energy, sweating is then also activated. Otherwise we would overheat and possibly damage our bodies (Remember the ape evolution and outrunning a horse?).

    Unfortunately, there is no lead time.  You go from dry to sweaty in seconds. Suddenly you’re drenched and that stresses you out even more.  Also, stress sweat has a tendency to smell more so than ‘regular’ sweat. Both the eccrine and apocrine sweat glands are activated under stress sweat.  While eccrine secretions are 99 percent water with some electrolytes, apocrine sweat is 20 percent fats and proteins. It’s these fats and proteins that feed the bacterial living naturally on your skin which causes the an unpleasant aroma that we all know as B.O.

    Research into the function of the apocrine glands suggests, yet again, an evolutionary role. According to Dr. Susan Biehle-Hulette, Senior Scientist at Procter & Gamble, “When a lion is chasing you, you want to smell bad so they don’t eat you.”  Studies also show that people subconsciously recognize the difference between stress sweat and regular sweat, suggesting that it can act as a peer-to-peer danger alert system.

    So in conclusion, stress sweat is just an annoying side effect of evolution, and one that many people wish they could stop.  According to WebMD, the key to reducing anxious sweating is to find a way to control your heartbeat and calm your nerves.  They recommend taking deep breathes and consciously relaxing.

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