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  • Stress or Nervous Sweating

    Sweating is one of the most common anxiety symptoms and the reality is that nervous sweating is not only common – it's normal (especially when compared to someone with Hyperhidrosis).

    A natural stress response related to the ‘fight or flight’ system, when you're nervous your body sends a rush of hormones that trigger an increase in heart rate and blood flow, among other things. To help cool the body down from all of that energy, sweating is then also activated. Otherwise we would overheat and possibly damage our bodies (Remember the ape evolution and outrunning a horse?).

    Unfortunately, there is no lead time.  You go from dry to sweaty in seconds. Suddenly you’re drenched and that stresses you out even more.  Also, stress sweat has a tendency to smell more so than ‘regular’ sweat. Both the eccrine and apocrine sweat glands are activated under stress sweat.  While eccrine secretions are 99 percent water with some electrolytes, apocrine sweat is 20 percent fats and proteins. It’s these fats and proteins that feed the bacterial living naturally on your skin which causes the an unpleasant aroma that we all know as B.O.

    Research into the function of the apocrine glands suggests, yet again, an evolutionary role. According to Dr. Susan Biehle-Hulette, Senior Scientist at Procter & Gamble, “When a lion is chasing you, you want to smell bad so they don’t eat you.”  Studies also show that people subconsciously recognize the difference between stress sweat and regular sweat, suggesting that it can act as a peer-to-peer danger alert system.

    So in conclusion, stress sweat is just an annoying side effect of evolution, and one that many people wish they could stop.  According to WebMD, the key to reducing anxious sweating is to find a way to control your heartbeat and calm your nerves.  They recommend taking deep breathes and consciously relaxing.

    If all else fails, the Sweat Proof Thompson Tee will, at least, eliminate the embarrassing underarm sweat marks…Guaranteed!

  • Thompson Tee featured on KCal 9 Los Angeles with Josh McBride!

    Lifestyle expert Josh McBride showcases the Thompson Tee on KCal 9 Los Angeles! Special thank you to both Josh and KCal 9!

  • Thompson Tee Featured on Better TV Spring Bling

    Lifestyle Expert, Josh McBride, (along with countless others) loves the Thompson Tee and recommends it! Watch below:


  • 'The Thompson Tee Improved My Quality of Life'

    "Before discovering the Thompson Tee sweat proof shirts, excessive underarm sweating affected me on a daily basis. Some days were worse than others, but every day of my life I was thinking about the sweat coming through my shirts. And if the sweat wasn’t coming through at that particular moment in time, I was constantly anxious about the prospect of it happening.

    Thousands of dollars of my shirts were quickly ruined from the age of 20-28. Knowing that I had no control over my sweat, I refrained from wearing my favorite casual and dress shirts. I chose only to wear them when I thought it would be for a limited amount of time. Even then, I would be anxious about the prospect of sweating which would then make it a reality as I constantly checked myself. This was a vicious circle. For those of you that are familiar with this "nervous sweating" or "social sweating", you are probably all too familiar with this scenario.

    The wasted money on clothing was the least of my problems. I would have gladly traded that money for peace of mind while working, attending meetings or going out. I'm married, so for me, my general work days are what stressed me out the most as it pertained to excessive sweating. Delivering a presentation or having a meeting with one of my individual team members while sweating through my work shirt did not give the impression of a confident business leader. It goes without saying that public presentations were simply NOT an option without a t-shirts, long sleeve dress shirts and a dark sweater layered over it all. And during the summer time, it was improvising the best I could with dark shirts.

    Needless to say, there were many scenarios that illustrated why underarm sweat affected my quality of life. Luckily that's all in the past now. Too bad I didn't know when I was 20 that $25 could change my life. I actually discovered Thompson Tee through a friend about a year back. I tried almost every deodorant on the market as well as various deodorant for women (they seem to work better). I also strongly considered botox. Fortunately I didn't take that extreme measure. Putting harmful or foreign products on or in my body is not something I wanted to do, especially on a long-term or permanent basis. Later in my 20s I found Hydrosal which I used on and off when needed which was somewhat effective, but it's a heavy dose (15%) of aluminium going into my body so I used it only when I felt like it was absolutely necessary. Hydrosal also left my armpits irritated and feeling very hard. This is the same type of sensation you might experience from many prescription strength deodorant, except more so. The first few times I used Hydrosal it also burned my skin when applied. That can't be good.

    It sounds cliche but The Thompson Tee sweat proof shirts work like magic. I was so incredibly skeptical that it could really be a viable solution to my sweating problem, but it is. I'm sure for people who have not yet experienced this product, they have the same amount of skepticism. I feel that rarely can $25 solve a problem as big as this, but it does.

    The t-shirt blocks 100% of underarm sweat. Interviews, presentations, meetings, night on the town, it doesn't matter. I now buy shirts knowing I can wear them whenever I want without ruining them. After a year of using the t-shirts, I don't even think about underarm sweating because it's no longer something I'm nervous about. In fact, it's even help me sweat less because there is no longer that vicious nervous circle."

    Joel B. - Loyal Thompson Tee Fan/Customer
    Father & Business Executive | Orange County, CA

    How about you? What’s your story? Please feel free to share below!

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