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  • Hyperhidrosis Surgery: What My Doctor Never Told Me

    hyperhidrosis surgery consultation

    Since puberty, I’ve dealt with the condition cranial hyperhidrosis — sweating excessively on my face and head. After seeing a billboard for hyperhidrosis surgery in 2000, I was sold. Concealing crazy amounts of sweat was exhausting, and I finally found a solution — or so I thought. Continue reading

  • How to Avoid Getting Sweaty Armpits and Regain Your Confidence

    How to Avoid Getting Sweaty Armpits

    Sweaty armpits are awful. It’s not only the pit stains. Excessive sweating is physically uncomfortable. You’re constantly distracted trying to hide embarrassing sweat marks and it’s a stressful blow to your confidence. Luckily there are steps you can take to avoid getting sweaty armpits.

    Continue reading

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